Avesta Eschatology Compared with the Books of Daniel and Revelations: Being Supplementary to Zarathushtra, Philo, the Achaemenids and Israel

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Open Court, 1908 - Zoroastrianism - 85 pages
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Page 79 - Come to the bridal chamber, death, Come to the mother's, when she feels, For the first time, her first-born's breath; Come when the blessed seals That close the pestilence are broke, And crowded cities wail its stroke...
Page 49 - Sadvastaran, where all mankind will stand at this time; in that assembly every one sees his own good deeds and his own evil deeds; and then, in that assembly, a wicked man becomes as conspicuous as a white sheep among those which are black.
Page 43 - Mashyoi, then those of the rest of mankind; in the fifty-seven years of Soshyans they prepare all the dead, and all men stand up; whoever is righteous and whoever is wicked, every human creature, they rouse up from the spot where its life departs.
Page 79 - But to the hero, when his sword Has won the battle for the free, Thy voice sounds like a prophet's word, And in its hollow tones are heard The thanks of millions yet to be.
Page 49 - Three days and nights they inflict punishment bodily in hell, and then he beholds bodily those three days
Page 41 - And, in Yasht xix. 83, we have resurrection together with millennial perfections. ' We sacrifice unto the Kingly Glory which shall cleave unto the victorious Saviour and His companions, when He shall make the world progress unto perfection, and when it shall be never dying, not decaying, never rotting, ever living, ever useful, having power to fulfil all wishes, when the dead shall arise, and immortal life shall come, when the settlements shall all be deathless.
Page 42 - ... without columns, on the spiritual support of far-compassed light ; when through Me the earth arose, which bore the material life, and there is no maintainer of the worldly creation but it ; when by Me the sun and moon and stars are conducted in the firmament of luminous bodies ; when by Me corn was created so that, scattered about in the earth, it grew again and returned with increase...
Page 43 - Observe that when that which was not was then produced, why is it not possible to produce again that which was ? For at that time one will demand the bone from the spirit of earth, the blood from the water, the hair from the plants, and the life from fire, since they were delivered to them in the original creation.
Page 50 - As it says that, on the day when the righteous man is parted from the wicked, the tears of every one, thereupon, run down unto his legs.
Page 46 - Mind's power comes. 5. (For) so I conceived of Thee as bountiful, O Great Giver, Mazda! when I beheld Thee as supreme in the generation of life, when, as rewarding deeds and words, Thou didst establish evil for the evil, and happy blessings for the good, by Thy (great) virtue (to be adjudged to each) in the creation's final change.

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