Awakening to World Disorder and Climate Realities

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Trafford Publishing, 2008 - Philosophy - 506 pages

"Awakening to World Disorder and Climate Realities is a powerful chronicle that efficiently explodes closely held delusions in an onslaught of blunt reality! Because orthodox political and economic analyses only examine the subsets of the focal topics in this thoroughly researched study, they lack the objectivity and scope to portray our post-modern world accurately. Awakening… is brutally honest and, for your own good, doesn't dare hold anything back."
Michael Clarke, the author

  • Awakening… is an earnest and comprehensive search for global truths and universal solutions. It's a connect-the-dots detective story wherein the citizen chronicler strives to resolve the paradoxes which suddenly become so evident every single time we look too closely at our real world's political, social and economic disorders or seriously contemplate the realities of resource depletion, pollution, climate destabilization and species extinction.
  • This treatise ultimately provides an evolutionary psychological paradigm for the universal resolution of the widespread subconscious delusions which empower pandemic apathy and prolong society's supreme irresponsibility in the face of dire social and environmental threats humanity no longer has the luxury of ignoring.
  • Awakening… formulates a Gaian environmental and social alternative to the misanthropic status quo and incites a revolutionary evolution to ensure humanity's deliverance from sociopathic tyranny for once and for all.
  • Catch this lifeline now and begin your evolutionary journey, because to be oblivious to the realities of this world is to be actively complicit in its social and environmental destruction, and that's just no longer acceptable.

The proceeds from the sale of this book will support The Jamaica Project - a private, non-profit, personal direct aid provider that has been in eco-social operation since 1989 globally recycling necessities where they have the greatest potential to alleviate undeserved hardship and directly help impoverished women and children in developing countries who are incessantly struggling with precarity and increasing climate destabilization.

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Michael Clarke’s, Awakening to World Disorder and Climate Realities, takes us on a quest for understanding of the current political disruption worldwide and the accompanying climate disintegration. He spent six years in in-depth research of the root causes behind these events, and presents the comprehensive picture of current affairs that was revealed by his research in a clear, and easy-to-read style, backed up by references throughout.
From the beginning, he is clear that the troubles facing the world are difficult to face, because their psychological foundations are deep. A certain awakening is indispensable on the path to understanding our modern world, because the day to day attitudes underlying our society have been subconsciously chosen to permit us all to cruise serenely in a self-contained world of illusions, even though those illusions disconnect us from the situation in which we really live.
Clarke declares that our governments are taking us in the wrong direction and should be resisted, as tyranny should always be resisted, no matter where or when it is found.
Step by step, he reveals this underlying reality. Beginning with economic globalization, he explores the role of the free trade agreements, the proposed North American Union, cultural imperialism, the United Nations, corporate irresponsibility, and the subversion of democratic elections and related facts. He goes on to elucidate the historical precedents underlying the current corporate expansion. For example, he documents how the political and financial leadership of many developing countries were approached and persuaded to accept huge loans for development, from such institutions as the World Bank. Thus saddled with debts they could never repay, these countries were later forced to submit to political pressure from the United States on countless issues, and were politically neutralized as their economies were crippled and their citizens were increasingly stricken by poverty, or precarity.
From this “soft” approach involving economic conquest only, the author moves to examine how the “hard” approach is used. He describes the common threads linking the Vietnam War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and reveals a great deal of suppressed information which presents one shocking truth after another. The Geo-political oil game is given special attention, as is the Canadian mission in Afghanistan. This subject leads directly to the ramifications of the new age of nuclear aggression, and the possible consequences of the abandonment of the nuclear disarmament provisions of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and the widespread use of depleted uranium weapons.
He then reviews the domestic policies of the western democracies, and warns that the suspension of civil liberties in all major countries, and the gutting of the U.S. Constitution, were done deliberately to intimidate the public, and put our supposedly free democratic countries under the control of global corporatist rule in the form of predatory capitalism.
Clarke then moves on to examine the situation in terms of the health of the planet, describing resource depletion, species extinction, pollution, and water issues. James Lovelock’s concept of Gaia is presented as a way of understanding the responses of a planet to the abuses that this one has suffered.
Finally, the author describes the reasons why the chronic accumulation of environmental abuses has led to the destabilization of the climate, yet has not been handled appropriately, in spite of the dire warnings of the world’s climate scientists that catastrophic climate change will soon be unavoidable. In a logical and easily understandable fashion, he shows how our commercialized culture has immersed us in misinformation, disconnected us from the reality surrounding us, and created a false mental world of illusions. He describes how everyone is relentlessly exposed, over and over, to demeaning and hypocritical mental intrusions conducted by governments and corporations daily. The result of these collective

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