Beneath the Umbrella's Edge: An Intimate Dialogue with the Divine Mother

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AuthorHouse, Nov 1, 2001 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 101 pages
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Beneath the Umbrella's Edge is a sequel to the book Be "SELF" Centered! (not self-centered). It is an intimate dialogue in question and answer form between Dr. Rama's Higher Self and the feminine aspect of "Source" known as the Divine Mother. In this book, the Divine Mother essence discusses how living on Earth is a paradox of rain and shine where we have the opportunity to learn to live in balance and harmony to appreciate life's shades of gray.

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About the author (2001)

Rama Pemmaraju Rao MD is a board-certified physician who specializes in Internal Medicine and Psychiatric Medicine. He is currently assistant clinical professor at University of Alabama Medical School/Children's Hospital in Psychiatric Medicine. He also deals with primary care Medicine issues as well. He continues to deepen his process in training and education in Integrative and Complementary Medicine. His lifelong goal is to bring the best of East and West into the medical setting, to afford optimal healing. His ultimate vision is to create a broad new paradigm in health and medicine through teaching, education, and through the manifestation of new clinic models that blend the Orient and the Occident. Dr. Pemmaraju Rao is a native Texan born in San Antonio, Texas, and whose parents and ancestry are from South India. He has blended the best of East and West in his life and has seen first-hand issues in the human condition that warrant a broader outlook and approach to health and healing. He completed medical training at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, and continued residency in Medicine, Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry at Baylor Affiliated Hospitals, Harvard Medical School (Children's Hospital) and completed Internal Medicine at Dallas Presbyterian Hospitals. Dr. Pemmaraju Rao appears regularly on television and radio for all affiliates in Birmingham, Alabama, on health, healing, and spirituality. He has had a lifelong background in Yoga and its practices. His deepest dream is to convey the teachings and principles of spirituality and healing inspired by the ideals of a number of meditation masters he has personally followed throughout the world. His original Guru is Swami Satchidananda who is his most revered personal master and mentor he has known since childhood. Swami Satchidananda is the Guru and founder of Integral Yogaİ who came to the United States in the sixties and whose teachings are well known throughout the West. Dr. Pemmaraju Rao's spiritual journey has further led him to the intimate quest of the heart and the search for the Divine Mother. In this process, he has been extremely fortunate to receive the direct energy, guidance, and grace of a number of different embodiments of the Divine Mother around the world. These women have included Mother Meera (Dornberg/Thalheim),* Mata Amritananda (Ma Center/San Ramon, CA), Suma Ching Hai, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda (Siddha Yoga lineage, South Fallsburg, NY), Karunamayi Vijayeshwari (SMVA Trust NY), and Anandi Ma (Dhyan Yoga, Antioch, CA). He is also particularly grateful for the Guidance of Master Subramaniya of the Saiva Siddhanta San Marga Temple in Kaui, Hawaii. Dr. Pemmaraju Rao's philosophy of life is that we are forever growing and learning on the path to enlightenment. He feels there is nothing that is "not spiritual" if we simply shift our focus, increase our contemplation and introspection, as well as deepen our insight. Real spirituality, he feels is truly being one's Self and accepting everything about others and ourselves in every given moment. We must be who we are and learn and grow from wherever we are. One cannot ignore issues in Psychology 101 and claim to be spiritual. He constantly looks to the enlightened masters as examples of what we must all become. In fact, he feels we are already enlightened. Ultimately everything reveals itself to us in its own time when we approach and return to God or Source directly within our own beings. It is a matter of uncovering layer by layer "that which we are not in order to experience the enlightened state." Ultimate perfect health is the experience of enlightenment; everything we do represents our quest for health and healing through life's journey of Self-Realization and unfoldment.

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