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Seite 209 - Let it soak 10 hours, then bring the whole to a boiling heat, and add pure tannin until the whole becomes ropy or appears like the white of eggs. Apply it warm.
Seite 197 - The areas of circles are to each other as the squares of their diameters, or of their radii.
Seite 85 - The load at the maximum is nearly but somewhat less than, as the square of the velocity of the wind, the shape and position of the sails being the same.
Seite 211 - Rule— Multiply the diameter of the driver by its number of revolutions* and divide the product by the number of revolutions of the driven ; the quotient will be its diameter.
Seite 177 - A soft tough iron, if broken gradually, gives long silky fibres of leaden-gray hue, which twist together and cohere before breaking. A medium even grain with fibres denotes good iron. Badly refined iron gives a short blackish fibre on fracture. A very fine grain denotes hard steely iron, likely to be coldshort and hard. Coarse grain with bright crystallized fracture or discolored spots denotes cold-short, brittle iron, which works easily when heated and welds well.
Seite 177 - ... heat, while at a middling heat it may be drawn out under the hammer to a fine point. Care should be taken that before attempting to draw it out to a point the fracture is not concave; and should it be so, the end should be filed to an obtuse point before operating. Steel should be drawn out to a fine point and plunged into cold water; the fractured point should scratch glass. To test its toughness, place a fragment on a block of...
Seite 85 - When the sails are loaded so as to produce a maximum at a given velocity, and the velocity of the wind increases the load...
Seite 85 - ... 3. The effects of the same sails, at a maximum, are nearly, but somewhat less than, -as the cubes of the velocity of the wind.
Seite 211 - To ascertain the size of the driver. RULE : Multiply the diameter of the driven by the number of revolutions you wish to make and divide the product by the revolutions of the driver; the quotient will be the size of the driver. The above rules are practically correct.
Seite 177 - Nitric acid will produce a black spot on steel; the darker the spot the harder the steel. Iron, on the contrary, remains bright if touched with nitric acid. Good steel in its soft state has a curved fracture and a uniform gray lustre; in its hard state, a dull, silvery, uniform white.

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