Ba Ji Small Frame Routine

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AuthorHouse, Sep 12, 2009 - Education - 68 pages
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Ba Ji boxing methods were used by the special service units both in Taiwan and China. The key tactics and strategy are by getting close to the opponent first. There are 6 ways of opening the door or gaining access to the vital area of an opponent. They are Ding (push), Bao (enclose), Ti (rise), Dan (single), Kua (hip) and Chan (entanglement). In the previous book "Ba Zi Jie Xi: A Talk on Rake Fist", the hand methods are briefly discussed. In the current book, the small frame routine is introduced. In the beginning of the 20th century, there were only 16 postures in the routine. Wu Xiu Feng added some more postures to make the routine into 24 postures. Later, Wu compiled 12 versions/routines of the small frame. Xiao Jia or small frame consists of foundational structures for Ba Ji fighting methods. All postures may be practiced as standing in posture or breathing exercise. The moves also carry symbolism for the nature. We start with Wu Ji stance. We then open Tai Ji by assuming Liang Yi stance. And then we have 4 directions or Si Xiang by assuming the Lion Opening its Mouth and Cross Fist postures. When we reverse the side of our fist or palm, we have Ba Gua. The 6 ways of opening the door are also represented by the postures in the routine. In short, people may practice this set of moves for health and fitness, in addition to original martial applications. The original name for each posture is used. Each posture may consist of several moves. All the moves are illustrated with pictures. There are many variations of this routine. Only the common ones are examined in this book. This book provides the reader a valid and universal base to study and practice.

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I practice the style since late 1970s. The directness and straightforwardness of the moves impressed me greatly, when I first saw Ba Ji demonstrated. However, there are not a lot of books about Ba Ji style of fighting methods. Based upon many years of practice, and research of collected materials, I compiled the 24 postures in this book. Small frame routine is a core set of moves that everyone has to practice well first. Therefore, the information in this book will help anyone that is interested in the style tremendously.

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