Babylon the Great

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BookPal, 2008 - English fiction - 448 pages
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This novel is based primarily upon the prophecy contained in the book of Revelation, chapter 17, from the Bible. In earlier chapters, "the beast" has already been identified as the Antichrist. In chapter 17, we are introduced to a woman sitting on the beast. She is referred to as a harlot, or prostitute, because of the acts of immorality committed with the kings of the earth. There are many identifying traits about this woman. She consists of a multitude of peoples of many nations and languages. She has a history of being in league with the world's leaders, committing spiritual adultery with them. Her clothing is purple and scarlet in color. She has great wealth. She is responsible for the death of many Christians. She is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth and is built upon seven hills. With these traits in mind, many - if not most - protestant teachers of prophecy have long identified the woman riding the beast as the Roman Catholic Church. In the days of the apostle John, to whom the prophecy of the book of Revelation was given, there could be no mistaking the identity of the city that ruled over the kings of the earth: Rome! In the Old Testament prophetic book of Daniel, four empires were prophesied to rule over the nation of Israel. Just as foretold, Babylon, then Medo-Persia, then Greece and lastly Rome came to power. The last empire does not completely die out, but continues right up until Christ's second coming. The name of the novel comes from a name written upon the woman's forehead: Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth. In this novel, the author has created a contemporary scene in which the Roman Catholic Church is exposed as this woman in league with the Antichrist.

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