Back Then and Right Now in the History of Psychology: A History of Human Psychology in African Perspectives for the New Millennium

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AuthorHouse, 2004 - History - 504 pages
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This text in a concise way uniquely approaches the history of human psychology by weaving together the psychological elements of ancient Egyptians, the psychological contents of medieval sub-Saharan Africans and the psychological experiences of Diasporan Africans into African perspectives in the annals and systems of present human psychology. Psychological strands from the histories of the Asians, Anglos, Jews, Arabians, Spanish, Latinos, and Caribbeans factored into the African-centered perspectives of the text. The text's use of African indigenous traditions as points of discovering and introducing the history of human psychology make it distinctive among mainstream Euro-American and Black Psychology texts on historical Psychology. The text examines the nature and beginnings of early Psychology of the pre-historic or ancient people on Earth - Africans. Mythical and racial developments in early human knowledge and domains of Psychology are explored. The way early Europeans took ideas and institutions from ancient Blacks, and how they changed these ideas and principles to create a psychology of their own is addressed. The psychological cultures, ideas, institutions and achievements of medieval Africans are explored. The text point out the historical and psychological horrors that swept through Africa by way of the trans-Atlantic slave system. The place of Blacks in America's psychological institutions - economic, educational, social, political, legal, ecological, technological, religious - are addressed. The historical contributions of African centered psychology, the nature and positions of Psycho-Africalysis in human psychology are presented. The theorizations, definitions andresearch constructs in African centered psychology are shown. The text highlights works in such areas like psycho-historical, psycho-philosophical, psycho-social, psycho-therapeutics, and psycho-methodological, etc. The text outlines the collaborations of continuous work, ongoing research and developments among continental African, Diasporan African and good faith Euro-American Psychologists.

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