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W.H. Baker & Company, 1893
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Looking for information dated 1938 By Henry Rowland published by walter h baker co. boston.
named "Aunt Bessie Beats The Band". I have an original copy, but can't find any information on it.

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Page 37 - Str^Tt males, five femaleS. Costumes, modern; scenery, all interiorS. Plays a full evening.
Page 37 - Seven males, seven females. Costumes, modern ; scenery, three interiors. Plays a full evening. RflllNTIFIll piay *" rour Acts' ^^ht males, seven feDVUllI1rULi males Costumes, modern; scenery, four interiors, not easy.
Page 52 - Scenery, two interiors and an exterior ; costumes, modern. This piece is best known in this country through the admirable performance of Mr. John Hare, who produced it in all the principal cities. Its story presents a clever satire of false philanthropy, and is full of interest and humor. Well adapted for amateurs, by whom it has been successfully acted. Plays two hours and a half. (1892.) LADY BOUNTIFUL.
Page 52 - CUnyUCB males, four females. Scenery varied ; costumes of the period. Plays a full evening. , . TWELFTH NIGHT; OR, WHAT YOU WILL three females.
Page 52 - Costumes, modern ; scene, a single interior. Plays a full evening. Sent prepaid on receipt of price by Walter & Pafeer & Company No.
Page 13 - American theatres, and most of which are singularly well adapted for amateur performance. This publication was originally intended for the benefit of readers only, but the increasing demand for the plays for acting purposes has far outrun their merely literary success. 'With the idea of placing this excellent series within the reach of the largest possible number of amateur clubs, we have obtained authority to offer them for acting purposes at an author's royalty of Ten Dollars for Each Performance.
Page 52 - Chronicle. It Will Pay You to read The Black Cat, not only because it publishes the most unusual and fascinating stories that genius can devise and money can buy, but Because it presents to young and unknown writers an opportunity offered by no other publication. It pays the highest price in the world for short stories. It pays not according to the name or reputation of a writer, but according to the merit of a story. It pays not according to length but according to strength.
Page 35 - Price, 15 cents HOW JIM MADE GOOD A Comedy Drama in Four Acts by Charles S. Bird. Seven males, three females ; two male parts can be doubled. Costumes, modern ; scenery, three interiors. Plays two hours. An unusually sympathetic play, well suited to amateurs. Clean and easy to get up. Recommended to high schools. All the parts are good. Price...
Page 34 - Price, 25 cents GADSBY'S GIRLS A Farce in Three Acts By Bertha Currier Porter Five males, four females. Costumes modern ; scenery, an exterior and an interior. Plays an hour and a half. An exceptionally bright and vivacious little piece, full of action. Gadsby's adventures with the fiancees of three of his friends are full of interest and fun. All the parts good. Well suited for High School performance. Price, 25 cents THE TIME OF HIS LIFE A Comedy in Three Acts By C.
Page 52 - actor-tight," and has written more successful parts and inspired more " hits " than any of his more popular contemporaries. This edition is printed in large, clear type, well luited for the use of reading clubs.

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