Balaam and His Master, and Other Sketches and Stories

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1891 - 293 pages
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Page 2 - Joel Chandler Harris. Mingo, and other Sketches in Black and White. i6mo, $1.25 ; paper, 50 cents. Nights with Uncle Remus. Illustrated. I2mo, $1.50; paper, 50 cents. Baalam and his Master, and other Stories. i6mo, $1.25. Uncle Remus and His Friends. Old Plantation Stories, Songs, and Ballads. With Sketches of Negro Character. With 12 illustrations by Frost.
Page 119 - White folks know w'at ter do, kaze dey in de habits er doin' like dey wanter, but niggers, suh — niggers, dey er diffunt. Dey dunner w'at ter do." "Well, what did you do?" asked Lawyer Terrell. " Who ? Me ? Well, suh, I des crope off ter my cabin, en I draw'd up a cheer front er de fier, en stirred up de embers, en sot dar. I ain' sot dar long 'fo
Page 144 - I'm a-gwine on sixty-nine," replied the witness. "Are your eyes good?" "Well, sir, they er about ez good ez the common run; not so good ez they mought be, en yit good enough fer me.
Page 60 - a' tuck a nap an' 'a' beat you," said the old man. " Two miles of tough road, I should say," responded Moseley. " Go straight through my hoss lot and let yourself down by a saplin' or two," answered Uncle Billy, " an' it ain't more 'na good quarter." Whereupon the old man laughed heartily. " Jes leave the creeturs here," he went on. " John Jeems an' Fillmore will ten' to 'em whilst we go in an' see what your Aunt Crissy is gwine to give us for supper. You won't find the grub so mighty various, but...
Page 115 - Ananias, suh," he replied. The name seemed to fit him exactly. A meaner-looking Negro Lawyer Terrell had never seen. There was not the shadow of a smile on his face, and seriousness ill became him. He had what is called a hang-dog look. A professional overseer in the old days would have regarded him as a Negro to be watched, and a speculator would have put him in chains the moment he bought him. With a good deal of experience with Negroes, Lawyer Terrell had never seen one whose countenance and manner...
Page 172 - She walked rapidly, but with a sidewise motion, as if she had been overtaken with rheumatism or partial paralysis. Her left arm was bent and withered, and she carried it in front of her and across her body, as one would hold an infant. Her head-handkerchief was queerly tied. The folds of it stood straight up in the air, giving her the appearance of a black Amazon. This impression was heightened by the peculiar brightness of her eyes. They were not large eyes, but they shone like those of a wild animal...
Page 139 - ... Ananias shifted about from one foot to the other, and whipped his legs with his shabby hat, which he held in his hand. Lawyer Terrell, seated in a comfortable chair, and thoroughly at his ease, regarded the negro curiously. There appeared to be a pathetic element even in Ananias's manner. " Well, suh," he said, after a while, seeing that he could not escape from the confession, " ef I had n't a-tuck dem things f um Marse Wash Jones, my Marster en my young mistiss would 'a sot dar en bodaciously...
Page 76 - You must be crazy," cried Polly, indignantly. " I hope you don't think I 'd marry that creetur. I would n't look at him if he was the last man. You better be thinkin' about your goozle." " It 's ketchin' befo' hangin'," said Israel, " They 've mighty nigh got you now,
Page 119 - Well, what did you do?" asked Lawyer Terrell. "Who? Me? Well, suh, I des crope off ter my cabin, en I draw'd up a cheer front er de fier, en stirred up de embers, en sot dar. I ain't sot dar long 'fo' Marster come ter de do'. He open it, he did, en he come in. He 'low, 'You in dar, Ananias?
Page 2 - Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 81.25. Balaam and His Master, and Other Sketches and Stories. By Joel Chandler Harris, author of ''Uncle Remus.

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