Baled Hay: A Drier Book Than Walt Whitman's "Leaves O' Grass"

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Bedford, Clarke & Company, 1884 - American wit and humor - 320 pages
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Page 57 - LAST fall I desired to add to my rare collection a large hornet's nest. I had an embalmed tarantula and her porcelain-lined nest, and I desired to add to these the gray and airy house of the hornet. I procured one of the large size, after cold weather, and hung it in my cabinet by a string. I forgot about it until spring. When warm weather came, something reminded me of it ; I think it was a hornet. He jogged my memory in some way, and called my attention to it. Memory is not located where I thought...
Page 263 - I, , being first duly sworn (or affirmed), depose and say : That I am over twenty-one years of age, and have resided in the Territory of Utah for six months, and in the precinct of one month immediately preceding the date hereof, and (if a male) am a native born or naturalized...
Page 57 - ... as though whenever; he touched me he awakened a memory, — a warm memory, with a red place all around it. Then some more hornets came, and began to rake up old personalities. I remember that one of them lit on my upper lip. He thought it was a rosebud. When he went away it looked like a gladiolus bulb. I wrapped a wet sheet around it to take out the warmth and reduce the swelling, so that I could go through the folding doors, and tell my wife about it. Hornets lit all over me, and walked around...
Page 71 - Possibly, too, they had met with wicked companions, and had been taught to swear ; he could not say but they might have sworn, although he thought they would have turned out to be good boys had they lived. " I am sorry that the case is so bad," said the health officer. " I am led to believe that God has seen fit to visit you with affliction in order to express His Divine disapproval of profanity, and I cannot help you. It ill becomes us poor, weak worms of the dust to meddle with the just judgments...
Page 232 - I look upon the appointment, myself, as a great triumph of eternal truth over error and wrong. It is one of the epochs, I may say, in the Nation's onward march toward political purity and perfection. I do not know when I have noticed any stride in the affairs of state which so thoroughly impressed me with its wisdom.
Page 70 - Up in Polk County, Wisconsin, not long ago, a man who had lost eight children by diphtheria, while the ninth hovered between life and death with the same disease, went to the Health Officer of the town and asked aid to prevent the spread of the terrible scourge. The Health Officer was cool and col lected. He did not get excited over the anguish of the father whose last child was at that moment hovering upon the outskirts of immortality. He calmly investigated the matter, and never for a moment lost...
Page 114 - These valiant champions of freedom know that "it is not all of life to live, nor all of death to die.
Page 263 - I, - , being first duly sworn, depose and say that I am over twenty-one years of age and have resided in the Territory of Utah for six months, and in the precinct of - one month next preceding the date hereof, and (if a male) am a (" native born," or
Page 73 - I rustled with poor crops and pine stumps to buy cloze fer 'em, and didn't care a cent for style as long as they was well, That's the kind of a heretic I am, and if God is like a father, that settles it He wouldn't wipe out my family just to estab lish discipline, I don't believe.
Page 72 - Nye, 1 don't believe that this Board of health has used me right. Somehow I ain't worried about my little fellers that's gone. They was little fellers, any way, and they wasn't posted on the plan of salvation, but they was always kind and always minded me and their mother. If God is using diphtheria agin perfanity this season, they didn't know it. They was too young to know about it and I was too poor to take the papers, so I didn't know it nuther.

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