The Bandits of the Osage: A Western Rom

Front Cover, 2006 - Fiction - 604 pages
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This secret retreat, at the date of our story, was the grand rendezvous of a numerous banditti, of whom mention has been made in the opening.-- Along the sides of the cave were ranged pistols, knives, rifles, carbines, powder-flasks, and all the various insignia of warfare. At one end was erected a platform, whereon the chief of the banditti sat or stood, when holding public council. Along the sides were ranged oaken benches, where the members could be seated, and the whole together wore an air of comfort and convenience. But of the Inner Cave, or Chieftain's Chamber, as it was generally called, we wish for the present to speak more particularly. Could one have been introduced into it privately, or without knowing where he was, and seen it lighted in all its brilliancy, he would have fancied himself in the gorgeous apartment of some palace, rather than in a robber's cave. Everything in the shape of splendor and luxury was there.

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