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Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, Dec 31, 2006 - Science - 240 pages
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BANG is an eyewitness account of the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to now. It is unique because it is told as a chronological story - by Yog, a quark - who was there from the start. Quarks are the oldest existing particles. They know all - since EVERYTHING is made of quarks and electrons. Being now part of a human, Yog knows their peculiarities too. Yog identifies the key event that distinguished man from beast and the major problem of the planet at present - OVERPOPULATION. It finds that earthlings have overtaken biological evolution by technological development and predicts that evolution does not end with today's Homo sapiens but continues towards a more rational being which he calls Homo prudens. BANG is written in plain language for average persons, from teenagers to pensioners. The text is enlivened by a series of cartoon-like sketches. There are no formulae or diagrams to avoid the appearance of a science book.

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