Bankruptcy fraud oversight: hearings before the Subcommittee on Improvements in Judicial Machinery of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety-sixth Congress, first and second sessions ... October 17, 18, 1979, and February 1, 1980

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Page 3 - Section of the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service and the Postal Inspection Service, which work with my office have investigated and prosecuted a series of planned bankruptcies, known as "bustouts," in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
Page 185 - Act ; or (3) it is unreasonable to expect that a plan of reorganization can be effected ; or (4) a prior proceeding is pending in any court and it appears that the interests of creditors and stockholders would be best subserved in such prior proceeding.
Page 3 - PEIRCE, SENIOR WRITER, POLITICAL DESK, CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY Mr. PEIRCE. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Chairman, I am pleased to appear here today on behalf of the Congressional Quarterly, to offer any assistance we can in your hearings on the vital question of reform of the electoral college method of electing our President. Last fall, following the presidential election, our political desk undertook a detailed study of the entire question of...
Page 109 - ... belonged to these organizations — whether this is meant to bear on the clearance of the worker himself, or is this just a quest for information that might bear on whether someone else was a security risk ? I do not know. I do not know why they are asking that information. Senator HUMPHREY. Mr. Harris, do you have any information that would lead you to believe that there is any kind of in-service training program for industrial security personnel for plant management and labor representatives...
Page 116 - ... sex"? Gender never stands alone, but always seems to need a noun to refer to. So, it seems strange in a book devoted to gender that no writer takes the space to define what gender means. We assume that it's a common term of meaning, although it appears to be anything but. As with pornography, we may not be able to define it, but we know it when we see it.
Page 144 - Code, section 186 (dealing with restrictions on payments and loans to labor organizations) or section 501 (c) (relating to embezzlement from union funds), or (D) any offense involving bankruptcy fraud, fraud in the sale of securities, or the felonious manufacture, importation, receiving, concealment, buying, selling, or otherwise dealing in narcotic or other dangerous drugs, punishable under any law of the United States; "(2) 'State...
Page 34 - I am a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, assigned to the work of document examination, which includes examination of handwriting, typewriting, forgeries, and related material.
Page 141 - Commission in an amicus curiae brief it filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio in a Truth in Lending Act class action.
Page 170 - ... earnings, expenses, receipts, disbursements, and all obligations incurred and transactions had in the operation of the business and in the management, preservation and protection of the property of the Debtor; and the Trustee shall preserve proper vouchers for all payments made on account of such disbursements.
Page 68 - Revell. [The prepared statement of Mr. Revell follows:] PREPARED STATEMENT OF OLIVER B. REVELL, ASSOCIATE DEPUTY DIRECTOR.

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