Banshee Bottom

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - 224 pages
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The following is a fictional, suspense/thriller novel, by the author Moxie'. Its principal setting is a portion of the rural, river bottom area between the states of Texas and Louisiana, along the banks of the Sabine River.

Much of the early settings for this tale also take place in, around, and throughout the Caribbean and the West Indies. This is only proper, in that a large portion of the Caucasian population on the islands of the West Indies are of Scottish or Irish descent. It is these descendants that have heavily influenced the generation of the legend of Banshee Bottom'.

It should be noted that there exists two distinct types of episodes: the first being one that involves a present or evolving family relationship, regarding those involved in the accident and/or death; and the second being one that occurs, involving an accident and/or death of a close friend, or a significant acquaintance. Both types of episode may occur in close proximity, or at great distance, from the accident and/or death.

In the early days of this tale, things were much as they are today, with the population being a bit more sparse than today. There was, of course, no electricity, no air conditioning, no central heat, and no cars. There are still no cities, or even large towns around the bottom; but rather just a few old timber mill towns, and farming communities. It was just such a small farming community, where this tale actually begins.

In the 1880's, each family was a self-sufficient entity. Whatever I was needed to survive, they supplied for themselves by the sweat of their brows. If they couldn't grow it, they made it with their own hands. If they couldn't raise it, they hunted it and killed it; or they either trapped it, or caught it with hook and line. In the rare instances when all of this wasn't enough, they helped each other, as neighbors are meant to do.

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About the author (2006)

Moxie enjoys conceptual art, hi-jinx and/or shenanigans, and making wool do impossible things. Moxie would sleep only once every few days because when she's awake, she gets to make choices. Her work has been shown in galleries in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and more. She's taught thousands of people to needle felt in dozens of settings, including the Frye Art Museum, Urban Craft Uprising, and the Maker Faire Bay Area. Moxie spends her free time not cleaning up after herself and writing quirky paragraphs about herself in the third person. She lives in Seattle with her unbelievably patient husband and the two best cats in the known universe. Find Moxie online at

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