Baptising: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature BaptisingAs they had each received slashes in the doublets, they baptised their fraternity with their blood, and were ministered to together in one and the same bed under the tent of Monsieur de Montmorency their master.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in Droll Stories, vol 1.They were baptised; and Franks, as their godfathers, gave them new appellations.ndash;Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Harold, book 12.Hence they all profess Islamism in Syria; and even those who have been baptised on account of their alliance with the Shehab family, still practise the exterior forms of the Mohammedan faith.ndash;John Lewis Burckhardt in Travels in Syria and the Holy Land.The priests pretend nevertheless that such is the efficacy of the baptism that these baptised Turks have never been known to die otherwise than by old age.ndash;John Lewis Burckhardt in Travels in Syria and the Holy Land.This partition of their effects they call the great tithe, two parts of which they give to the church where they were baptised, and the third to the bishop of the diocese.ndash;Geraldus Cambrensis in The Description of Wales.In many of the stories he not only spared, but baptised it.ndash;G.K. Chesterton in A Miscellany of Men.This king you would have slain is a baptised son of the Church; but beyond attending mass regularly in his private chapel, which he does for the mere sake of appearances, he is an atheist, condemned to the fires of Hell.ndash;Marie Corelli in Temporal Power (A Study in Supremacy).It is clear also why, new disciples had to return to Jerusalem to be 'baptised of the spirit,' to use their phrase, before setting forth upon their wanderings.ndash;Arthur Conan Doyle in The Vital Message.Such expressions as 'Saved by the blood of the Lamb' or 'Baptised by His precious blood' fill their souls with a gentle and sweet emotion, while upon a more thoughtful mind they have a very different effect.ndash;Arthur Conan Doyle in The Vital Message.The vast, bare building was soon crowded, and the younger converts, who were not yet permitted to stand among the baptised, found it difficult to come to their appointed place between the first two pillars of the house, just within the threshold.ndash;Henry van Dyke in The Blue Flower.

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