Bar and Barbecue Humour, Book 1

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Xlibris Corporation, 2012 - Humor - 244 pages
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This is the first of four books whose purpose is to make you laugh page after page. And you will laugh; I guarantee it, or my name s not Rumford Kindling. Each book addresses different subjects. Today s serving is Sheilas, Blonde, and Sheilas Fight Back (don t worry fellas, Book 2 covers Aussie and Sport). I won t spoil the surprise of Books 3 and 4. You may have seen some of the material before, but I am certain you have not seen anywhere near all of it. There is a sobering reality in this country Sheilas rule. They have an innate ability to bend us to their will. It s called feminine wiles . (I affectionately refer to my own missus as The Leader of the Opposition .) I suspect this is probably a universal phenomenon. Well, blokes, this book allows you to recover some of your digger dignity. For a short, but illusory time, you will again stand on the podium of equality as some female foibles are laid bare. For a while your better half will be just your other half as you luxuriate in the knowledge sheilas are vulnerable. Do not succumb to her attempts to distract you. Be a bloke!!! Blondes have always been the brunt of dumb jokes, and that seems unfair (pun intended). Well it s not and this book confi rms it. See for yourself. NB. Blondes may not understand the material contained. Any book targeting sheilas, in fairness, should give them the opportunity to respond. I have therefore reluctantly included the section titled Sheilas Fight Back. This is compulsory reading for blokes to show we can handle criticism with aplomb. Besides, the Leader of the Opposition insisted on it. See, I m off the podium already. If I have offended anyone in this book get over it, because there s plenty more to come in those following. You will have your day. Better still, just cack yourself laughing, like the rest of us are doing. Rumford Kindling Humour it unites us all

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