Barbecuing: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature BarbecuingThis famous barbecue was on Saturday.ndash;John S.C. Abbott in David Crockett.I think I should sleep better for the certainty that he was trudging along the sand, satisfied he was not to be barbecued in the morning.ndash;James Fenimore Cooper in Homeward Bound (The Chase).The four great fires over which the caribou had roasted for the savage barbecue that day were still burning brightly.ndash;James Oliver Curwood in Nomads Of The North.This year there was to be a great caribou roast, a huge barbecue, at Fort O' God, and by the time Henri Durant came within half a dozen miles of the Post the trails from north and south and east and west were beaten hard by the tracks of dogs and men.ndash;James Oliver Curwood in Nomads Of The North.It's a barbecue.ndash;Holman Day in When Egypt Went Broke.They also procured a dozen fat mutton sheep, which were to be barbecued and served with chile pelado to the invited guests, surely a tempting menu and hot! The ladies baked bollos, tamales and frijoles.ndash;George Hartmann in Tales of Aztlan.In the woods on the plantation of Joseph Travis, upon the Sunday just named, six slaves met at noon for what is called in the Northern States a picnic, and in the Southern a barbecue.ndash;Thomas Wentworth Higginson in Black Rebellion.When he came, therefore, to the barbecue on the appointed Sunday, and found not these four only, but two others, his first question to the intruders was, how they came thither.ndash;Thomas Wentworth Higginson in Black Rebellion.The spoils, when taken, were loyally divided as a rule, though Captain Morgan, of Wales, made no more scruple about robbing his crew than about barbecuing a Spanish priest.ndash;Andrew Lang in Essays in Little.Confessin' that aforetime he's a nullification pig on Mink Run, he sets yere at this barbecue an' without color of shame declar's himse'f a union pup.ndash;Alfred Henry Lewis in Wolfville Days.

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