Barely Breathing

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AuthorHouse, 2005 - Poetry - 180 pages
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Those who welcome pets into their lives are familiar with their silent communication and uncanny abilities to perceive and interpret the subtleties of our lives. Companion animals often demonstrate unexpected and astonishing awareness. Many animal behaviors can be explained by basic principles of science. But what of the sudden bursts of insight animals exhibit, the bewildering moments of clarity for which they could not have been trained? These are the mystifying occurrences for which there can be no scientific explanation.

~ Animals eerily sense danger to others and act to avert disaster.

~ Animals mysteriously return home over long stretches of unfamiliar terrain with flawless accuracy.

~ Animals use ESP to sense human thoughts with such precision as to seemingly predict future events.

These are just a few of the phenomenal tales contained in SEVENTH SENSE, the thrilling new book that gives animal lovers a provocative glimpse into the animal mind. You will read about animals using their senses in ways we might never imagine. Pets just like yours transform into teachers, nurturers, and heroes, performing stunning exploits that defy reason. These are the unsolved mysteries from the world of animals. The truth is stranger than fiction in this book brimming with tales that stimulate and fascinate our sense of wonder. Experience the chills, the tears, the joy and heartwarming emotions these stories will bring you. SEVENTH SENSE will leave you with a new awareness --- and set your imagination free.

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