Barn-Like Rome

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iUniverse, 2001 - Fiction - 320 pages
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Barn-Like Rome is the story of people trying to find their place, trying to get ahead, trying to be happy. A young man discovers what he believes is Aladdin’s Lamp, triggering a media frenzy of press conferences and news chases, while a general and a millionaire hatch plans to steal the Lamp. At the center of the storm, a group of young friends decide on a bold new path for their lives. In the end, can they all get what they want? Meet some of the characters:

Lipton Associate, the self-repressive professional liaison: “I love a good grin.”

Ansley Fisk, the misguided general: “I never jump in a pool of sharks without first learning how to swim.”

Mark Cornelian, the desperate millionaire: “He’s sort of the proverbial Ugly American, without the inconvenience and expense of traveling abroad.”

Werner, the millionaire’s henchman: “In a contraction, Gunnar, one M is better than two.”

Gunnar Kitaine, the sensational reporter: “If he finds me snooping around his car, in his drunken, violent state, you could be seeing a bloodstained reenactment of Someone’s been eating my porridge.”

Irving Brazil, the befuddled news anchor: “In the world of interior lighting, nothing is what it seems.”

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