Barnabe Googe - Eglogs, Epytaphes, and Sonettes (1563)

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NOTES of the LIFE and WRITINGS of BARNABE GOOGE - Eglogs, Epytaphes, and Sonettes 1563 His Surname is also variously spelt Goche, Goghe, Gouche, etc. Notes of the Life and Writings of BARNABE GOOGE INTRODUCTION, BIBLIOGRAPHY, Googe's profe dedication to WILLIAM LOVELACE, Efq., Reader of Gray's Inn, L. BLUNDESTON'S [profe Address] to the Reader, dated 27 May 1562, The [poetical] Preface of L. BLUNDESTON, Egloga prima. Speakers, DAPHNES and AMINTAS Egloga fecunda. DAMETAS Egloga tertia MENALCAS and CORIDON Egloga. quarta. MELIBEUS and PALEMON Egloga quintet. MOPSUS and BOON Egloga fexta. FELIX and FAUSTUS Egloga feptima. SILVANUS, SIRENUS, amp SELGOVIA Egloga octaua. CORIDON and CORNIX 1. Of Lord SHEFFIELD'S death, 2. Of Mailer SHELLEY, flam at Muffelburgh, 3. Of Matter THOMAS PHAER, 4. Of NICHOLAS GRIMAOLD, 1. To Matter ALEXANDER NOWELL, 2. To Doctor BALLE, 3. To Matter EDWARD COBHAM, 4. Of EDWARDS of the Chapel. 5. To L. BLUNDESTON. 6. The Answer of L. BLUNDESTON 7. To ALEXANDER NEVILLE. 8. ALEXANDER NEVJLLE'S answer to the fame. 9. To Matter HENRY COBHAM. 10. To ALEXANDER NEVILLE. 11. ALEXANDER NEVILLE'S answer to the fame 12. To Miftrefs A. . 13. To GEORGE HOLMEDEN. Of a running head. 14. To the tranflation of Pallingenius [Zodiac of Life]. 15. The Heart absent. 16. To ALEXANDER NEVILLE. 17. The answer of A. NEVILLE to the fame 18. To Miftrefs D. [i.e. Mary Darrell]. 19. Out of an old Poet. 20. [The Fly and the Candle]. 21. [Untitled Sonnet] 22. [Untitled Sonnet] 23. Out of fight, out of mind. 24. [Apofy] 25. [Another pofy]. 26. Of the unfortunate choice of his Valentine 27. The uncertainty of life 28. A Refusal. 29. Of Miftrefs D. S. DARRELL of Scotney . 30. Of Money. 31. Going towards Spain. 32. At Bonivall in France 33. Coming homewards out of Spain. 34. To L. BLUNDESTON. Of Ingratitude. 35. The anfwer of L. BLUNDESTON to the fame 36. To the tune of Allies. 4 FIRST LINES OF THE POEMS CONTAINED IN THIS WORK. ECLOGUES. 1. Syth Phebus now begins to flame, O frende Amintas deare 2. My beasts, gofede -upon ye plaine, and let your herdman lye 3. A pleasaunt wether Coridon, andfytte to kepe tJufyelde 4. 0 God, that guyds ye golden Globe, wher shinyng shapes do dwel. 5. Som doleful thing there is at hand thy countenaunce doth declare 6. 0 Faustus, whom aboue t/te rest, of Shephardes here that kepe 7. Sirenus shephard good and thou, that hast yII lucke in. loue 8. Now ragethe Titan fyerce aboue his Beames on earth do beats Etc EPITAPHS When brutysh broyle, and rage of war in Clownysh harts began, Wan Mars had moued mortallhate and forced fumysh heate. The hawtye verse, yat Maro wrote made Rome to wonder muche. Beholde thisfletyng world how al things fade. Etc SONNETS 20. If thou canst banish Idleness DEGREES Cupiddesbowe is broke. ." 21. Not from, the high Citherion Hyll, nor from that Ladies throne. 22. No uayner thyngther can. be found amyd this vale of stryfe. 23. O fond Affection, tuounder of my Ha rt. 24. Olde Socrates, whose wysdome dyd excett. 25. Ons musynge a.s I sat, and candle burnynge bye. 26. O ragyng Seas, and myghty Neptunes rayne, 27. Synce I so long haue lyved in pain, and burnt for loue of the. 28. Some men be countydwyse, that well can talks, 29. Swete Muse tampll me, wher is my hart becom. 30. Syth Fortune fauoures not and al thyngs backward go. E

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