Barriers to health care for older Americans: Hearings, Ninety-third Congress, first [-second] session, Volume 16

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I am 70 years old US Citizen. I applied for my retirement benefits 3 months before reaching age 65 and to my surprise, was told by the SS that I am not allowed to apply because US government thinks that I was not born in 1945 but I was born in 1946. I was told that I have to wait another year until I will be able to apply for my benefits even though all this years I paid taxes to US state and federal government, applied for passport and driver license, served in the US Army, graduated from law school, past the Bar, practiced law for 38 some years. No one ever questioned my birth date of being the correct one when they were taking my money. I had to go bureaucratic channels in order to proof that I was born in 1945 and not 1946 and I thought I was don fighting with SS, that is to eager to sign and urges you to sign-up without any proof what so ever to Medical benefits, but fights you tooth and nail to actually to give you your earned benefits. So one year later I received my card that said Part A and Part B on it. So I thought I don't have to worry about anything anymore I am covered. I did not hear from SS until 2012 when I was diagnosed with cancer. All of a sudden I was left in the middle of the desert. When the doctor bills started to pile up SS decided to cut me off from Bart B just because I am not an immigrant, I am not a black male, nor a warfare recipient. I am only a white male and that a working male. I like to retire totally but I can't, even though I have cancer, even though my health is not in good condition I can't retire because I can not afford paying doctor bills on my social security, and for medication that is outrageously expensive, and on top of it all to educate a college student makes it impossible. You see if I was a immigrant or illegal immigrant at that, US government would pay for my medications, for my treatment, for my sons education, for my apartment, for my leaving expenses, and you can name anything else they would pay for it. But me who worked ever since I was 8 years old, contributed in my entire life and never taken a penny I am not entitle even for Part B that already paid for it for 62 years, of my entire life I have no right to my own money that US government promised it would be there for every US citizen when we reach to old age. I like to know if the same law applies for all congressmen and congresswomen? Do they have to watch for their mislay pension to go up or down? Do they have to look if they have a Part A or Part B? I have only 2-3 years of life left in me, are they going to refund my social security money that I accumulated all this years to my family or the bureaucrats are going to end-up with it?  

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