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The Importance of Sports in Your Kid's Life
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What is elementary life without sports? Probably boring and lifeless as it is. Sports is vital in the very young lives of your kids for it gives them a lot of things to learn about life aside from entertainment and cool moments with friends. Immersing our kids in various sports is truly a valuable endeavor for the things it could bring to our well-loved ones is priceless and even valuable as they get older
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Here are some reasons why we should encourage our children to get involved with sports:
1. Discipline - If you want your children to have a strong possibility that he will avoid different vices like drinking booze, cigarette smoking, gambling and even drugs, this is the time to instill the value of health to your children through sports. Indulging your kids to different sports makes him feel and realized the value of holistic lifestyle. Moreover, indulgence with sports will open different avenues for healthy eating, exercise, ample rest and having enough sleep. Martial Arts like Karate, Taekwondo, Judo and the likes are the best available sports to keep your kids well disciplined.
2. Teamwork - Most sports are played by two or more persons, in other words, sports is a social game wherein your children will get to know how to get well with other children. A blazing start for your child since in actual work in the real world requires workers or employees that knows how to blend well with the work environment which is consists of various employees, superiors and norms and standards that all of the people within the workplace should adhere to. A good team player knows when to step up when the goings get tough, and knows how to play the role of a reinforcer when at the sidelines. Ballgames like football, basketball, volleyball and the likes are the sports that can inculcate the essence of being a good team player to your kids.
3. Respect - Your kids knows the word respect the moment he is immersed with sports. Your kids will learn how to learn from the cues handed by his coach and will also accept suggestions from his teammates. All kinds of sports will surely instill the value of respectfulness with your kids.
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4. Sportsmanship - We have the saying "You win some, you lose some, it balances out at the end". Sportsmanship will teach your kids how to be strong and to be strong still even when defeat is on hand. Learning how to be humble when humbled is truly a great experience our kids should go through, for when he grows older he will be able to accept failures and mistakes. Doing necessary improvements and adjustments in life will help him become persistent and not to repeat same mistakes from the past.
5. Preparation - To win in a game intensive training and careful planning should be done for "practice makes perfect". If your kid need hours to perfect his free throws in basketball, go ahead let him perfect his free throw shooting for this will also boosts his perimeter shooting. If your kid needs to swim better to rip existing records, go ahead let him swim for several hours, this will not only bolster his chance of lowering records but can also help him improve his endurance. Same principle applies to real life, in order to be almost perfect in executing every plans we essayed, careful and thorough preparation must be done.
6. Determination - Sports will indeed improve the perseverance of your kids. In order to win, a player should value hard work and patience while practicing crafts that will help him gain distinct edge in carving out success.
7. Competitiveness


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