Basic Electronics Engineering

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Technical Publications, 2008 - Electrical engineering - 617 pages
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Diodes & TransistorsPN junction, Biasing the PN junction diode, Forward, Reverse bias and its characteristics. Diode as rectifier, Half wave rectifier, Full wave rectifier, Bridge rectifier, Output waveforms, Definitions and derivations of Idc, Vdc, Vrms, Irms, Efficiency (). Ripple factor, Peak inverse voltage (PIV), Capacitor input filter.Zener diode, Comparison of Zener and Avalanche breakdowns, LED, Photodiode, Varactor diode.Construction of bipolar junction transistor (BJT), PNP-NPN BJT working with normal biasing, BJT configuration CE, CB, CC. Input and Output characteristics of CB & CE configuration.Purpose of biasing, DC operating point, Active, Cut-off and Saturation regions, Alpha and Beta definition and their relations.BJT as a switch, BJT as a voltage amplifier.Amplifier and Voltage Regulator Single stage CE transistor as amplifier, Working of amplifier with the help of D.C. load line, Selection of Q point and waveforms. Practical amplifier with self biasing, RC coupled single stage AF amplifier, Frequency response and Bandwidth.Comparison of CE, CB & CC on the basis of Av, Ai, Ri, Ro.Regulation, block schematic of a regulated power supply, Zener diode as a regulator, Block schematic of Series, Shunt regulator, IC 3 Terminal voltage regulator [78XX,79XX]Digital Electronics Binary logic, Positive, Negative logic Boolean algebra, Basic theorems, DeMorgan's theorems, Logic circuits, Standard logic gates, Universal logic gates, Ex-OR & Ex-NOR symbol, Equation & Truth table, Implementation of Boolean Equation using basic gate and Universal gate, Reduction of Boolean equation using two variable K-Map. One bit comparator, Half adder, Full adder.Operational - Amplifier and Oscillators Introduction to Op-amp, Properties of ideal Op-amp, Open loop and Close loop configuration of Op-amps, Derivations for gain of inverting, Non - inverting, Difference amplifier, Application of Op-amps-as summing, Difference, Voltage follower, Open loop comparator.Principle of feedback, Concept of +ve and ve feedback. Definition of an Oscillator, Oscillator principles, Barkhausen criterion, Working of RC phase - shift oscillator, Wien bridge oscillator, LC oscillator, Frequency of Oscillation(No derivation)Transducers Block diagram of a Instrumentation system. Classification of Transducers : Primary, Secondary, Active, Passive. Selection criteria for transducers. Temperature transducers : Thermocouple, RTD, Thermister. Displacement and pressure transducers : LVDT, Strain gauge, piezo-electric transducers.Electronic Measurement, System & Application CRO : Operation of single beam and Dual trace CRO with simple block diagram, Front panel controls of CRO such as volts/div, times / div, X-Y positions, Trigger, Chop, Alternate, Oscilloscope attenuated probes.Electronic weighing machine, Electronic batch counter, Burglar alarm, Block schematic of P.A. system. IC 555 as a free running Oscillator and Timer.

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Chapter1 P N Junction Diode 1 1 to 1 28
Chapter2 Rectifiers and Filters 2 1 to 2
Review Questions 2
Chapter4 Bipolar Junction Transistor 4 1 to 4
Chapter5 Amplifier 51 to 5 18
Chapter8 Operational Amplifier 8 1 to 8
Chapter7 Digital Electronics 71to 752
Review Questions 8
Chapter10 Transducers 10 1 to 10 40
pter11 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 111 to 1130
ChapteM2 Timer 10 555 12 1 to 12
Chapter13 Public Address System 131 to 136
ChapteM4 Electronic Gadgets 141 to 148
Chapter6 Voltage Regulators 6 1 to 6


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