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How does the prospect of world conquest sound to you? Wouldn't you like to make your mark on the world in your lifetime? Jesus offered this possibility to each of his followers yet so few Christians ever achieve it. The answer to how it can be done can be found in the unassuming, yet strategic way in which Jesus turned his men into reproducing, world-impacting disciples. By following the same procedure that Jesus used, any Christian can make an impact on the world for generations to come. Building Disciples Requires Building Curriculum brings home Christ's offer of world conquest to a new generation of disciples.

Allen Elder takes a fresh look at an enduring method of making our lives count for Christ's global purpose. He gives a clear presentation of the mandate, models, and method of building disciples by Biblical standards. He offers a proven system of collecting and classifying truth while suggesting steps to follow to communicate that truth in order to turn average Christians into world conquerors. This work invites you to explore Christ's call, examine his method of making disciples, and follow his footprints to a life that counts strategically for personal world impact.

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