Basil and Annette: A Novel, Volume 1

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F.V. White, 1891 - Dime novels - 308 pages
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Page 30 - I am glad to hear it. You seem tired." " I have been walking all day and all night, and all day and all night again, for more days and nights than I care to count. I have done nothing but walk, walk, walk, since my arrival at this world's end.
Page 301 - Basic procedures of educational practice — what is to be done, how is it to be done and who is to do it — are undergoing turbulent debate and rapid progression to new procedures.
Page 90 - Corrie had finished his, and now, pipe in mouth, he leant his back against a great tree and contemplated his guests. " Little lady ! Little lady ! " The sound came from within the hut. Chaytor started, Basil looked up with a piece of mutton between his thumb and knife : forks they had none. " Basil ! Basil ! Basil and Annette ! Little lady ! Little lady ! " " It's the magpie I told you about," said Old Corrie to Basil, "the last time 1 saw you.
Page 148 - But to be compelled to write in this way — do you understand now what I mean when I say that I do not...
Page 60 - It would be flying in the face of Providence to neglect it. The first law of nature is Self.
Page 44 - He is capable of it, capable of any villainy. Can I do nothing to save her ? " I am powerless. I have no claim upon her ; I have no right to be here. But I will not go away without seeing, without speaking to her. If he takes her from this place, which is likely enough, I will follow them. She must not, she must not be left to the tender mercies of that jackal.
Page 187 - Philpott," printed on it, and in a corner, " Private Inquiry," to which was added the address of the house in which they were sitting. " Do you carry on your business here, then ? " inquired Basil. " Partly, sir," replied Mr. Philpott. "I am engaged at an office in Surrey Street, but it is seldom that my time . is fully occupied there, and as I am not on full pay I stipulate that I shall be free to undertake any little bit of business that may fall into my hands in a private way.
Page 82 - Don't let it, old fellow. Pluck up courage; it's only for a few minutes, and then you will be safe at the top. Now then, with a will." It required a will on Basil's part, he was so weak, and more than once he feared that it was all over with him ; but at length the difficult...
Page 162 - ... and a lunatic asylum were founded. Not even a mushroom town in these new countries can exist without something in the shape of a municipal council, and one was formed in Princetown, over the elections for which there was prodigious excitement. Churches and chapels, even a synagogue, were erected by voluntary contributions, and there were churchyards in which already wanderers found rest. All the important buildings were now of wood, and there was...

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