Battlelords of the Twenty-third Century: Roleplaying in a Dangerous Future

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SSDC, 2000 - Games - 286 pages
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The exploration and development of the known universe is progressing at a fantastic rate. The Galactic Alliance has prophesied the complete control of the local group of galaxies by the turn of the millennium. Huge, powerful mega-corporations run it all from behind the scenes. The twelve races of the Alliance work as caretakers, shaping and expanding the horizon of knowledge, extending to touch the farthest reaches of space. Frontier colonies populate neighboring galaxies: Andromeda, Fornax, Spirax, and the Magellanic Clouds. Outposts dot M32 and the cluster galaxy of Talcos in Ursa Major, some 200,000,000 light years from the Core Worlds. The battle rages onward to drive out the Arachnid presence. Strange reports of ghost ship sightings, robot warriors, and evidence of ancient human cultures all filter their way across the vast, empty stretches of nothingness to the hearts of the bold, strong, and curious.

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