Battyʾs Catalogue of the Copper Coinage of Great Britain, Ireland, British Isles and Colonies, Local & Private Tokens Jettons, &c: Compiled from Various Authors, and the Most Celebrated Collections, Volume 3

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Page 725 - CORK on the other ; the other bears on one side two strokes probably for two pence, and a s,hip on the other side, the date 1646 ; and I think there can be little doubt, but they were both struck at the same period and place as the coins just noticed. There are also several brass coins, weighing from fifty to seventy grains, bearing two sceptres in saltire through a crown ; reverse, a harp crowned between C . R ., they will be found in the last Supplemental Plate.
Page 837 - Metal (formerly Bergne's, Lot 1080) on which the Lettering is more florid, and that on the reverse is much smaller than usual, and on which the inner circle on the reverse is ornamented.
Page 838 - One of a smaller size in Copper, which is from a different die ; the lettering is of a more florid character, and there are no dots after the words on the obverse.
Page 703 - Jcc., compiled from various authors and the most celebrated collections, together with the author's collection of about 15,000 varieties.— The anonymous author of An Attempt to Catalogue and Classify a large or...
Page 1069 - These were struck to commemorate the visit of the Queen, then Princess Victoria, with her Mother, the Duchess of Kent, to the Soho Mint, Birmingham. They are extremely rare. VICTORIA. PENNY, 1839. 5233 O. — Filleted Bust to left; "WW" indented on Truncation ; Leg., "Victoria Dei Gratia 1839 ". R.
Page 925 - The second sort that he Issued was much neater, and better copper, with the inscription on the head side altered to VOCE POPULI. The halfpence were a larger size, and done in the ťame...
Page 1170 - R. — Trident under a Crown, surrounded by a Wreath of Oak and Laurel within a beaded Circle ; " DECIMAL PENNY " above ; "ONE TENTH OF A SHILLING
Page 838 - An example in Copper with large lettering and no inner circle on the obverse.
Page 707 - O. Obverse. R. Reverse. E. Edge, and when omitted it is plain. Ex. Exergue. Leg. Legend. MM, Mint Mark. All are Copper except otherwise described. QUEEN ELIZABETH. Pennies. — 1 6 oi . 1 O. — Shield of Arms of England and France dividing "E R

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