Be Encouraged: (Inspired Poetry)

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Xlibris Corporation, Dec 29, 2010 - Poetry - 92 pages
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Each of us has experienced difficult times when we question our self-worth or perhaps battle with confusion, disappointment, despair, or frustration. Are you going through a struggle that makes you feel like you are stuck in murky quicksand, unable to break free or begin anew? I’ve lived through times when days seem to be painted a dull drab gray, and it appeared I’d closed myself off in a human capsule, unable to relate to the world around me.

Many times, I’ve come to realize that my perceptions of things have created nonexistent monsters like those created in our minds as children. However, I am learning that God doesn’t leave me alone to work through difficult situations by myself like a shipwrecked sailor on a deserted island. I find that my poor judgment or bad decision often further complicates the dilemma I’m confronting. Relief comes to me when I stop blaming God for whatever nightmare I am facing and devote quiet time in prayer with Him. God’s response doesn’t come like a light streaming from the heavens or a bright, colorful rainbow shining outside my window; it’s more like an Alaskan ice cap that slowly begins to thaw and break up with the warmth of the spring rain. As I pour out my heartfelt problems to God, creative solutions spring forth in my mind like an arrow shot from the quiver of a bow, destined to find its mark in the very heart of my problem. A new idea and hope emerges that propels me to make a sound decision to rejoin the imperfect human race, fight the good fight, and run the race of life.

Through the years I have come to know that God loves us more deeply than we love ourselves. God never abandons us but waits patiently and lovingly for us to call out for His help. I admit there are times I don’t understand His ways. However, as I put my trust in God by earnestly and honestly seeking His guidance and grace for my life, all the difficulties I’m having seem to become easier with which to deal. Complex issues seem to melt like ice cream on a hot summer day.

By inviting God to be the rudder of my ship each day, my life has taken on a bright new meaning. It can be like the excitement of starting to read an exciting new novel, wondering what wonderful surprise and blessing God has in store for me in the next pages. In sacred scriptures, we read that God inhibits the praises and answers the prayers of His people. He can and will move the mountains and obstacles that often feel like handcuffs upon our wrists. God will bring us comfort, peace, and joy as we put our trust in Him and give God the freedom to work in our lives.

May this collection of poems be a source of inspiration to each reader and foster renewed hope in your heart.

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