Be Forewarned

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Trafford Publishing, 2002 - Fiction - 222 pages
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In 2002, there have been over 3000 kidnappings in Colombia alone. Obviously it has become intolerable but kidnapping is a profitable profession monetarily as well as politically. It's only a matter of time before this crime immigrates to other countries, including the USA. Drastic measures to combat it will be necessary.

Current technology exists to implant individuals with electronic chips to monitor their location within a few feet anywhere on this planet. Engineers are being recruited to develop chip implants to monitor health. BE FOREWARNED presents these developments in a scenario that eliminates kidnapping and most any other violent crime for that matter.

Envision a society that has no need for identification cards, licenses, passports, credit cards or cash money. It follows that if you and everyone else can be identified at any exact position, then computers would have all identity information including bank balances and credit accounts. Just think, a criminal could be identified at the crime scene and located for arrest and conviction.

The Hilo Company invents injectable chips which ultimately are mandated for every person on earth. The dream society becomes a reality and most every one is happy for the next thirty years. Then several incidents are reported. Lady Lumis dies, apparently from an overdose of medication prescribed by the computers, an aircraft apparently crashes with all passengers dead but unidentified, a murder is committed by six people who just disappear, a war threat that never happened is identified, and a non existent man steals trade secrets.

Obviously something is wrong and Mehan, president of Hilo and her VP of engineering set out to solve the mystery. Once they discover that the AMACS (Always Monitored Always Completely Safe) system has been compromised, they uncover an even greater threat. The potential exists for clandestine modifications to provide a dictator complete control of humanity.

Mehan and Peter Kingron, who caused the discrepancies, team to shut down AMACS, no easy task because it is under government controls that rival the most secure prisons of today; The master for the software is double vaulted in the Denver mint and it and the manufacturing process must be modified. With skill, luck and the help of a few Kingron inventions, they are successful but not without tense and dangerous moves.

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