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Xlibris Corporation, 2006 - Fiction - 243 pages
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Ever wonder what a real vampire would have to be like? After you strip away all the lies about blood sucking and sunrises and religious icons and tepid role play? Even after you ignore all the false literature and so-called traditions dating back to dark age ignorance and the first time the corpse of a decomposing plague victim sat up in its shallow grave due to rigor mortis and the gases building up inside it from putrefaction? Within these pages one might find an answer. Not an answer that will encourage the mystical allure of the eternal undead, but an answer nonetheless. Perhaps, gentle reader, you will be able to face the reality our not-so-willing characters were forced to face. Find out what a true vampire really feeds on and how. Find out why they are never caught, and why no one ever sees them. Why it is almost impossible to destroy one. How so many fall victim to one without society having even a breath of a clue. There will be a test on pluterday. By the way - have you read ATONE yet?

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