Before the Heart Fell Silent: Collected Poems

Przednia okładka
Jarek Zawadzki, 10 sie 2017 - 68

O Girl!

O girl! Fondling your swan-like neck, there sits,
Upon your shoulder now, this little dove;
Delighted so and thrilled out of his wits,
He’s bringing you your maiden dawn of love.

You can’t understand what the dove may coo,
Although there’s love and longing in this art;
He’d rather not be passionate with you,
So as to keep desires out of your heart…

Taking the thorns, he’ll softly fly away;
Perhaps, you’ll never meet again therefore…
But when you think of this affair one day,
You’ll know that no one ever loved you more!



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Kluczowe wyrazy i wyrażenia

Informacje o autorze (2017)

Little is known about the poet.

Stanisław Korab-Brzozowski was born in 1876, in Lattakia, Syria. Both his father, Karol, and his brother, Wincenty, were noted poets.

Stanisław Korab-Brzozowski was not only a poet but also a translator of poetry; he translated Baudelaire and Verlaine, among others. He was, furthermore, an editor of two periodicals in Lviv, where he lived.

In 1901, he committed suicide by taking poison. Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński, a distinguished Polish poet and translator, claimed that the suicide had been caused by a tragic love affair.


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