Before the Lights Go Out! 11 Keys to Achieve Real Physical Intimacy

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Infinity Publishing, Oct 7, 2011 - Self-Help
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If your idea of foreplay includes candlelight dinner, rose petals and whip cream, you are misguided. We have been focusing only on the physical while we are neglecting the emotional and spiritual needs of our mate. This neglect has lead to dissolving rela

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I can't say enough about the content of "Before the Lights Go Out"! At first glance I assumed that the contents would be the non-fiction that usually end up forcing myself to read from time to time. you know the kind that's read more out of obligation that for pleasure. Boy was I wrong!!!! Instead, I spent mornings, days, lunch breaks & after dinner time with my fiance' delving into every word of the content. The fact that the information is written with fluidity and with a tone that isn't the least bit preachy added its overall appeal. I was and am PLEASANTLY surprised. I'm an avid reader and when I say that I experienced a plethora of firsts with this book, this is what I mean...
1) I was enthralled with the expectation of more from simple reading the preface.
2) Even though I received the book and began reading it in September, I took my time to absorb (body, soul & spirit) every dotted "I" and every crossed "t".
3) Once delving into chapter one, the content seemed to resonate with every fiber of my being as though me, Quiniece, the Holy Spirit & God were all destined to the meeting at this very time.
4) There were hilarious truths emphasized, like the three tests every woman should give her potential "man":
~credit check, blood test check & background check.
Aren't these some of the very things us ladies joke about with our girlfriends, sisters and aunts? Yes they are!
5) I actually called up family & friends to encourage them to get this book. Even changed my face book profile picture to the book cover (now, ladies you know that doesn't happen every day! LOL) .
Throughout the book, it seemed like Quiniece and I were old friends catching up on all that had taken place in our lives after we left high school. The difference, she and her family members were transparent when it came to intimacy, love, lust, trials and faith. This is the novel I sooooo needed before I got married some 18 years ago. Now that I've read, absorbed, discussed and reflected on the concepts and principles herein, I am the better.
I encourage women and men of all ages, regardless of your status: married, divorced, engaged, single, dating, desiring a help meet or considering dating to read Before the Lights Go Out,...before you engage in any of those things. It truly gets to the crux of the matter. It'll make you want to read every book Miss Sheppard has written! Is there such a thing as a 6-star rating? This is what "Before the Lights Go Out" warrants. Miss Sheppard is truly walking in her Godly calling! Headed to purchase her other books.

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