Before the doctor comes: a ready reference book, giving the symptoms of common diseases, and indicating proper emergency treatment in case of sudden illness or accident pending the physician's arrival

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The Christian herald, 1909 - Health & Fitness - 376 pages
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Page 317 - The temporary teeth are usually cut in the following order: — Lower central incisors 6 to 9 months Upper incisors 8 to 10 months Lower lateral incisors and first molars 15 to 21 months Canines 16 to 20 months Second molars 20 to 24 months Permanent teeth.
Page 67 - The term collapse is used by some to designate a severe condition of shock, and is employed by others as a name for a condition of shock produced by mental disturbances rather than by physical injury.
Page 50 - ... and keep it projecting a little beyond the lips. Let another assistant grasp the arms just below the elbows and draw them steadily upward by the sides of the patient's head to the ground, the hands nearly meeting (which enlarges the capacity of the chest and induces inspiration).
Page 242 - The stertor is peculiar : it is not the " snoring" of apoplexy, but a sharp, hissing sound produced by the rush of expired air against the teeth or hard palate.
Page 148 - The attack lasts from a few minutes to half an hour ; then the pain gradually subsides, leaving the patient much exhausted ; or else it ceases suddenly with eructation of gas or watery fluid, with vomiting, with a gentle soft perspiration, or with the passage of reddish urine.
Page 53 - ... on either side of the pit of the stomach, the fingers falling into the grooves between the short ribs. Now, using his knees as a pivot, he will at the moment the patient's hands touch the ground throw (not too suddenly) all his weight forward...
Page 3 - A ready reference book, giving the symptoms of common diseases, and indicating proper emergency treatment in case of a sudden illness or accident pending the physician's arrival. By Mary M. Crawford, MD, and Thurston S. Welton, MD New York: The Christian Herald, Louis Klopsch, proprietor, Bible House, [c1909].
Page 121 - A catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx, associated with temporary spasmodic contraction of the glottis; characterized by paroxysmal coughing, difficulty of breathing, and attacks of threatening suffocation. Causes. — Atmospheric changes or "taking cold," excesses in eating and drinking, excitement, and violent emotion, are given as causes.
Page 122 - At the same time dissolve a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water and give a teaspoonful every fifteen minutes until relief is obtained.
Page 50 - Separate the jaws and keep them apart by placing between the teeth a cork or small bit of wood ; turn the patient on his face, a large bundle of tightly rolled clothing being placed beneath the stomach ; press heavily on the back over it for half a minute, or as long as fluids flow freely from the mouth.

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