Beginning Database Design Solutions

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Wiley Pub., 2009 - Database design - 510 pages
Market_Desc: DBAs and database developers who need to learn how to design and build a new database.

Special Features: Broad market---More than 80% of all software applications use relational databases. Broad coverage---This book teaches best practices for good database design regardless of database platform---all database users and developers can benefit. Pragmatic, richly detailed case examples---The author illustrates all of the concepts with clear, practical examples of good database design. Proven author---The author has a proven ability to teach beginners in a clear, compelling writing style. Exercises and Solutions---Each chapter includes exercises; solutions are provided for both students and teachers--the latter on the book's companion website.

About The Book: Beginning Database Design Solutions introduces IT professionals---both DBAs and database developers--to database design. It explains what databases are, their goals, and why proper design is necessary to achieve those goals. It tells how to decide what should be in a database to meet the application s requirements. It tells how to structure the database so it gives good performance while minimizing the chance for error.Each chapter begins with a list of topics covered and ends with a summary providing a descriptive and bulleted list of the key points described in the chapter. Each chapter them includes a list of review questions and a series of exercises to help beginners and students solidify the concepts presented in the chapter.

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