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Wiley India Pvt. Limited, 2008 - 1392 pages
Market_Desc: Novice programmers; no programming experience required.

Special Features: Ivor Horton is a leading author of computer programming language tutorials; his Beginning Visual C++ has sold more than 90,000 copies in all editions. The author is known for his unique tutorial style, readily accessible to both novice and experienced programmers. The book is a comprehensive introduction to BOTH the Standard C++ language and to Visual C++; no previous programming experience is required. The book provides exercises and solutions, adding to its appeal to the college and training markets. This edition fully covers the new 2008 release of Visual C++.

About The Book: This book is the latest edition of one of the bestselling of all books on the C++ language and Visual C++. The author, Ivor Horton, has a loyal following who love his approach to teaching programming languages. In this book, Horton repeats the formula that made the current edition so popular: he teaches both the Standard C++ language itself as well as Microsoft Visual C++.The book is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to both the Standard C++ language and to Visual C++ 2008. The book has been thoroughly updated (more than 20% updated, with 100 new pages) for the 2008 release.This book shows novice C++ programmers how to build real-world applications using Visual C++. No previous programming experience is required. The author uses numerous step-by-step programming examples to guide readers through the ins and outs of C++development. His tutorial approach has proved popular with more than 100,000 readers---they look to Ivor Horton for the most thorough and accessible introduction to the C++ language and to Visual C++.

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