Beiträge zur deutschen Mythologie: Zweite Abtheilung

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Page 102 - Last Friday was Valentine's Day, and the night before I got five bay-leaves, and pinned four of them to the four corners of my pillow, and the fifth to the middle ; and then, if I dreamt of my sweetheart, Betty said we should be married before the year was out. But, to make it more sure, I boiled an egg hard, and took out the yolk, and filled it with salt ; and when I went to bed, eat it shell and all, without speaking or drinking after it. We also wrote our lovers...
Page 456 - The Cornish to this day invoke the spirit Browny, when their bees swarm ; and think that their crying Browny, Browny, will prevent their returning into their former hive, and make them pitch and form a new colony.
Page 436 - The Druids represented this as the king of all birds. The great respect shown to this bird gave great offence to the first Christian missionaries, and, by their command, he is still hunted and killed by the peasants on Christmas Day, and on the following (St. Stephen's Day) he is carried about hung by the leg in the centre of two hoops, crossing each other at right angles, and a procession made in every village, of men, women, and children, importing him to be the king of birds.
Page 98 - Ireland, ii. 12, and a great deal more, was done in that kingdom to perpetuate the memory of a miracle wrought there by St. Patrick, through the assistance of the archangel. In commemoration of this, Michaelmas was instituted a festal day of joy, plenty, and universal benevolence.
Page 208 - Füfsen schleppt die Taube ein kleines, niedliches Stühlchen, aus feinem Rohrschilf geflochten, und wenn sie müde wird, stellt sie das Stühlchen auf den Boden, setzt sich darauf und ruht aus ; die Erde oder was zur Erde gehört, berührt sie nie. Wo sie sich nun so niedergelassen hat, da grünt und blüht es im folgenden Sommer am schönsten, überall aber, wo sie vorüberzieht, werden die Felder fruchtbar und die Menschen mit vielfachem Glück gesegnet. Am Morgen des Dreikönigstages wird die...
Page 108 - MS. of the loth cent. we are informed : aliqui dicunt, quod quando anima egressa est, tune prima nocte pernoctabit cum beata Gerdrude, secunda nocte cum archangelis, sed tertia nocte vadit sicut diffinitum est de ea.
Page 377 - They told me this fire, round was an effectual means to preserve both the mother and the infant from the power of evil spirits...
Page 420 - Tis infamy to serve a hag; Cats are thought imps, her broom a nag! And boys against our lives combine, Because, 'tis said, your Cats have nine.
Page 97 - They have likewise a general cavalcade on St. Michael's Day in Kilbar Village, and do then also take a turn round their church. Every family, as soon as the solemnity is ended, is accustomed to bake St. Michael's Cake, and all strangers, together with those of the family, must eat the bread that night.
Page 260 - ... they had fine music always among themselves, and danced in a moon-shiny night around, or in a ring, as one may see at this day upon every common in England where mushrooms grow.

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