Belief and Desire: In My Mind's Eye

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Rum Rapids Press, 1996 - Art - 77 pages
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Clifton Boudman is an experimenter in imagination whose laboratory is himself & whose experiments undermine many traditional conceptions of subject matter. He intensely discusses semiotics - the fashioning of signifiers - in his work, & has always been influenced by attitudes about living, & the nature of the land, an existential identity. It is his personal language discussed through travel & the finding of hot spots on earth where acceptance & rejection of received meanings can become clearer. This book is about passion in the arts, a biography, a catalog of provocative images. It is a book discussing word & image, sign & symbol, his beliefs, his desires. He gives the reader, too, a ticket to the brief, though by no means tangential, scape of his earlier years: the woman rushing to a ceremony from a Scottish train, already in her wedding dress, her smile flung behind, caught by a man watching from a window; the kid (no matter what age) eating handfuls of cake in some darkening opulence waiting for the curtain to rise on THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS (1942). His images are disturbing, they stand in fetishistic contrast to the romantic idyll. Much jars, but that is the nature of the medium. His work suggests a discussion of todays moral questions & the myths within which those morals are created. Stimulating...Order from: Rum Rapids Press, Crouseville, ME 04738, 207-455-8096.

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