Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays, 21권

and under the direction of George Cawthorn, British Library, Strand, 1797

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49 페이지 - Love reckons hours for months, and days for years.: And every little absence is an age.
102 페이지 - I am a fool, I must confess ; but yet I can see as far into a mill-stone as the best of you. I have observed, that you women-wits are commonly so quick upon the scent, that you often overrun it; now I would ask of Madam Phaedra, that in case Mr. Heaven there should be pleased to break these articles, in what court of judicature she intends to sue him ? Phced.
21 페이지 - Love, madam, love — In short, madam, I believe he has thought of nothing but your ladyship ever since he left Lisbon. I am sure he could not, if I may judge of his heart by my own.
46 페이지 - I'll make you. Fred. Restore her, my lord ! where shall I find her? Lop, I have those that will swear she is here in your house. Fred. You are misinformed, my lord ! Upon my reputation I have not seen Donna Isabella since the absence of Don Felix. Lop. Then pray, sir — if I am not too inquisitive, what motive had you for those objections you made against her marriage with Don Guzman yesterday ? Fred.
34 페이지 - Ye niggard gods ! you make our lives too long; You fill them with diseases, wants, and woes, And only dash them with a little love, Sprinkled by fits, and with a sparing hand : Count all our joys, from childhood even to age, They would but make a day of every year.
14 페이지 - The custom of our country enslaves us from our very cradles, first to our parents, next to our husbands, and, when Heaven is so kind to rid us of both these, our brothers still usurp authority, and expect a blind obedience from us; so that, maids, wives, or widows, »e are little better than slaves to the tyrant, man.
14 페이지 - I'd embark with the first fair wind with all my jewels, and seek my fortune on t'other side the water : no shore can treat you worse than your own.
40 페이지 - I did but joke; the ring is none of mine, it is my master's; I am to give it to be new set, that's all; therefore, pr'ythee, dry thy eyes, and kiss me; come.
32 페이지 - These happy moments from my public charge, To consecrate to thy desired embrace ; And I could wish no witness but thyself, For thou thyself art all I wish to please.
12 페이지 - I quarrelled with his lordship, about six years before his death, and so had not an opportunity of seeing how the youth went on ; if I had, Master Jenkins, I would no more have suffered him to be made -such a monkey of — He has been in my house but three days, and it is all turned...

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