Bell's British Theatre: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays, 5권

John Bell
and under the direction of George Cawthorn, British Library, Strand, 1797

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23 페이지 - Could I forget What I have been, I might the better bear What I am destin'd to : I'm not the first That have been wretched : but to think how much I have been happier ! Wild hurrying thoughts Start every way from my distracted soul, To find out hope, and only meet despair.
48 페이지 - I must fall, death's welcome in these arms. Bir. Live ever in these arms. Isa. But pardon me, Excuse the wild disorder of my soul : The joy, the strange surprising joy of seeing you, Of seeing you again, distracted me • Bir. Thou everlasting goodness ! Isa, Answer me: What hand of Providence has brought you back To your own home again ? O, satisfy Th' impatience of my heart : I long to know The story of your sufferings.
99 페이지 - Dog! villainl did not you confess to me that this gentleman picked you up not three hours ago at the same inn where I alighted ? that he had owned his stealing my portmanteau at Toledo? that if he succeeded to marry the lady you were to have a considerable sum for your pains, and these two were to share the rest of her fortune between them ? Trap.
37 페이지 - Of any other wish, be nothing mine :" But let me look upon you, view you well. This is a welcome gallantry indeed ! I...
18 페이지 - I'll wait upon ye presently ; for a minute I must beg your pardon, and leave to lay the cloth myself. Hyp. By no means, sir. Trap. No ceremony, dear sir ! Indeed I'll do it.
63 페이지 - And family, and tainted into trades. Shall I be one of them — bow, and retire, To make more room for the unwieldy heir To play the fool in ? No But how shall I prevent it ? — Biron comes To take possession of my father's love—- Would that were all ! there is a birth-right too That he will seize.
71 페이지 - He did; and he was with us when 'twas done. C. Bald. If this be true, this horrid, horrid tale, It is but just upon me : Biron's wrongs Must be reveng'd ; and I the cause of all. FT. What will you do with him ) C. Bald. Take him a-part I know too much.
115 페이지 - Friends ! I scorn his friendship ; and since he does not know how to use a gentleman; I'll do a public piece of justice, and use him like a villain. Hyp. Let me go.
39 페이지 - My friends, you will forgive me, when I own, I must prefer her peace to all the world ? Come, Isabella, let us lead the way : Within we'll speak our welcome to our friends, And crown the happy festival with joy. [Exeunt.
47 페이지 - I live to hope, that he died there ? It must be so; he's dead, and this ring left, < By his last breath, to some known faithful friend, To bring me back again ; That's all I have to trust to Enter BIRON.

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