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Albert W. Haley
Branden Books, 1978 - Fiction - 106 pages
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A version of the legend of Beowulf chronicles the epic struggle of the hero against the sinister monster, Grendel

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Page 61 - ... from thy strength, or the embrace of fire, or the surge of the flood, or the grip of the blade, or the flight of the spear, or hateful old age, or the gleam of eyes shall pass away and be darkened; on a sudden it shall come to pass that death shall vanquish thee, noble warrior.
Page 84 - That — the feud and outrage — did my 2480 "friendly kinsmen avenge, as was well known, "though one of them paid for it with his life, — a "hard bargain; to Haethcyn, lord of the Geats, "the fight was fatal.
Page 49 - ... [each of us must await the end of life in the world; let him who may gain glory before death; that shall afterwards be best for the (unliving) warrior], 1386 ff.
Page 27 - ... together; there the stout-hearted ones went to sit, proud in might. The thane minded his task who bore in his hand the garnished ale-can, poured out bright mead. At whiles a bard sang clear-voiced in Heorot ; there was mirth of men, no little doughtiness of Danes and Weders. Then Hrothgar, bulwark of the Scyldings, went out of the hall with his band of men ; the war-chief would seek Wealhtheow, his queen, for bed-fellow. The glory of kings had set a hallguard against Grendel, as men heard, —...
Page 34 - ... bloody deeds. No son of man knew the full story of these, save only Fitela, to whom Sigemund would say something of such matters, as uncle to nephew, since in every combat they were always companions in peril; very many of the ogres' race had they laid low with their swords. 884 No little renown sprang up for Sigemund after the day of his death, for, hardy in fighting, he had slain a serpent, guardian of a treasure-hoard.
Page 85 - Comes out to attack me from his hall of earth.' Then he addressed every one of his men, Vigorous warriors and his dear companions, On this last occasion: 'I would take no sword, No weapon to the serpent, if I knew how else I might come to grips manfully with the monstrous...
Page 46 - ... him, and counted on the Almighty for help, comfort and support; by that he overcame the fiend, laid low the hellish demon. Then humiliated he went off, the foe of mankind, bereft of joy, to seek out the mansion of death. And his mother, still ravenous and gloomy at heart, purposed to go on a sorry journey to avenge the death of her son. She came then to Heorot where the Ring-Danes slept all around the hall. Immediately then there came a reverse for the warriors, once Grendel's mother made her...
Page 61 - Now is the renown of your strength for a little while, but soon it will be that sickness or the sword will deprive you of strength, or the grasp of fire or the whelming of the wave or the bite of a weapon or the flight of a spear or terrible old age, or the brightness of your eyes will fail and grow dim; presently it will be, that death, hero, overcomes you.
Page 61 - ... there is glory in your might: yet soon it shall be that sickness or sword will diminish your strength, or fire's fangs, or flood's surge, or sword's swing, or spear's flight, or appalling age; brightness of eyes will fail and grow dark; then it shall be that death will overcome you, warrior. Thus I ruled the Ring-Danes for a hundred half-years under the skies, and protected them in war with spear and sword against many nations over middle-earth, so that I counted no one as my adversary underneath...
Page 49 - It is better for each man that he avenge his friend, rather than mourn him greatly. Each of us must live to see the end of worldly life; let him who may endeavour to win glory before death; that is to dead warriors afterwards the best.

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