Bergen's Guide book to the local Marine board examinations

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Page 61 - In the following table give the correct magnetic bearing of the distant object, and thence the deviation. 8. With the deviation as above, give the courses you would steer by the Standard Compass to make the following courses, correct magnetic : — . . 9.
Page 119 - How is it to be applied ? 10 Place the index at error of minutes to be added, clamp it, and leave it. Note. — The examiner will see that it is correct. 11 The examiner will then place the zero of the vernier on the arc, not near any of the marked divisions, and the candidate will read it. Note. — In all cases the applicants will name or otherwise point out the" screws used in the various adjustments.
Page 117 - Act may be prosecuted summarily, and every penalty under this Act may be recovered and enforced summarily in like manner as offences and penalties under " The Merchant Shipping Act, 1854," and the Acts amending the same.
Page 117 - ship laden with a grain cargo" means a ship carrying a cargo of which the portion consisting of grain is more than one-third of the registered tonnage of the ship, and that third shall be computed, where the grain is reckoned in measures of capacity, at the rate of one hundred cubic feet for each ton of registered tonnage, and where the grain is reckoned in measures of weight, at the rate of two tons weight for each ton of registered tonnage.
Page 117 - ... the kind of grain and the quantity thereof, which quantity may be stated in cubic feet, or in quarters, or bushels, or in tons weight; and (ii.) the mode in which the grain cargo is stowed; and (iii.) the precautions taken against shifting.
Page 117 - ... of the grain carried in the hold or compartment (as the case may be) shall be in bags supported on suitable platforms laid upon the grain in bulk : Provided that this regulation with respect to bags shall not apply...
Page 117 - To a ship laden at a port in the Mediterranean or Black Sea if the ship is divided into compartments which are formed by substantial transverse partitions and are fitted with longitudinal bulkheads or such shifting boards...
Page 117 - The master shall also deliver a similar notice to the proper officer of customs in the United Kingdom, together with the report required to be made by the Customs Consolidation Act, 1876 (39 & 40 Vict.
Page 5 - He will be questioned as to his knowledge of invoices, charter-party, Lloyd's agent, and as to the nature of bottomry, and he must be acquainted with the leading lights of the channel he...
Page 117 - ... one-half of the whole cargo of the ship, and the rest of the cargo consists of Cotton, wool, flax, barrels or sacks of flour, or other suitable cargo so stowed as to prevent the grain in any compartment, bin, or division from shifting.

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