Bergson's mysticism: a philosophical exposition and evaluation of Bergson's concept of mysticism

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St. Paul's Press, 1954 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 151 pages

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General Introduction
The basic principles of Bergsons philosophy 12
The Division of Religion

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action active afterlife agnosticism Alcan Alfred Loisy ananoetical anthropomorphic anti-intellectualism Aristotle ascetical asceticism aspect attain Bergson Bergson's theory Bergsonian Bergsonian mysticism Bergsonian terminology Bergsonisme Brahmans Buddhism Carthusian Catholic Action cause chapter characteristics Christian mystics cism common grace conclusion contemplation creation creative Creative Evolution Dean Inge Delacroix discursive divine divine grace dogma dynamic religion ecstasy efficient cause effort elan vital element empiricism Evelyn Underhill evolution evolutionism existence expression faculties final cause formal cause George Tyrell Greek philosophy Helvetii hence Henri Bergson himself Hindus humanity idea imperfect infra-rational intel intellectual intelligence intuition intuitionism irresistible impulse itself Jacques Maritain Joan of Arc knowledge le Bergsonisme letter kills ligature man's Maritain material material cause matter Matter and Memory merely metaphysical Middle Ages monist moral myste mystery mystic humanity mystical love mystics themselves mystique natural mystical experience natural religion nature of God Neuchatel not-knowing observed pantheism Paris perfect mysticism philosophical Philosophy of Mysticism Plato Plotinus Prana principle problem problem of evil psychological radical Ramakrishna reality religious revanche Richard McKeon rience scientism sense social society soul species spiritual square circle static static religion stigmatists Summa Theologica supernatural supra-rational term terminology theodicy theologian theological theory things Thomas Aquinas Thomiste thought thus transcending UNIVERSITY OF FRIBOURG virtue of religion Vivekananda Wildon Carr William James word yoga

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