Berkeley Bashed: Victim's Guide to the Backward, Barbaric, Butt-Ugly Bog

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Epic Press, 2005 - Humor - 220 pages
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A scathing satire of the city of Berkeley, California in particular and the entire politically correct movement in general. So you're going to try your luck and tempt fate by stagnating and subsisting in the BOG--Berkeley's true essence and putrescence! Lots of un-abashed booster "guides" will bluff, huff and puff and put the falsest soft-soap slant on things. Well, this one won't. Whether you're imprisoned, serving time or trapped there now or looking for a bail-out(or a hand-out)the Berkeley BASHER will finally tell you once and for all the whole un-abashed, un-adulterated TRUTH about the Bog's utmost WORST and why NONE of it's worth your time much less your trouble--and why the "real deal" in the Bog is always the rawest of RAW DEALS! So BEWARE! This book is absolutely EVERYTHING the in-denial, victimized and ever-whining pretentiously politically correct conclave already knows full well about the Bog but is rightly too ashamed and TOO AFRAID TO ADMIT!

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