Best School: How to Use the Tipping Point to Design a Best School, an Action Research Discovery

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Team Rock Press, Aug 4, 2009 - 91 pages
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Best School: How To Use The Tipping Point To Design a Best School, An Action Research Discovery 1. First you have to realize that what makes a school the best school is not test scores, but the school that employs action research. This document is an example of what action research can produce in a best school and what you should look for in your search for the best school. 2. Second, read the directions to the following survey and if you like, mentally take the survey. Instructions: Go down the list and give yourself a point every time you see a last name that is shared by someone you know. By "know" we mean if you sat down next to that person on a bus, you would know their name and they would know your name. Multiple names count. For example, if you know three Hunts, you get three points. Famous people only count if they are an acquaintance of yours. Spelling counts. Aaselund, Abrego, Adkins, Ahmed, Akins, Almaraz, Atkinson, Balfour, Barker, Booth, Briseno, Burnham, Caldwell, Chan, Cho, Crutcher, Daugherty, Deguzman, Dudek, Dyson, Edwards, Escalera, Estrella, Evans, Fang, Fierro, Fitzgerald, Foster, Fujimoto, Gamboa, Gerhart, Dodinez, Grigorian, Guo, Herman, Hirota, Huerta, Hunt, Irwin, Iskanian, Janssen, Jiang, Juarez, Kato, Keeney, Kho, Larkin, Lawson, Lemus, Lozano, Lucero, MacNeil, Markham, Matsumoto, McMaster, Mejia, Montano, Nakamoto, Nance, Nieto, Norton, Ocampo, Ogino, Onaka, Owen, Panera, Penn, Pfeiffer, Phu, Pumpman, Quan, Randall, Reed, Roha, Rosenthal, Russell, Sabado, Samson, Schmidt, Shao, Sparks, Thorpe, Toscano, Tostado, Tsang, Uchida, Ushijima, Valadez, Vallejo, Vance, Vela, Vidrio, Vinh, Vogel, Waddell, Ward, Webb, Westerhoff, Williams, Yamaguchi, Yao, Zamaro, Zepeda, Zuccaro If you like this survey, then this book is definitely for you as you might be an Expander-instrumental to action research within a best school. 3. Action research, when conducted by teachers in a best school, might look like the following: After reading Gladwell's The Tipping Point, I began to wonder, "Could I take Gladwell's social epidemic ideas, and deliberately cause group change?" What happened next changed my and my students' lives forever. I remember the first time I realized I was on to something. I was grading my students' quizzes taken that day and was looking at perfect, after perfect, totally correct quizzes. The quizzes were of trigonometric functions and were not easy. I was shocked as I graded 22 perfect quizzes of 32 total quizzes taken. 69% of the students' quizzes were completed perfectly, without a single error! At the end of three weeks 98% of the students learned 98% of the standards-driven geometry topics. I had experienced a student learning epidemic. Learning had swept across my geometry class like a highly contagious disease sweeps across a population. I am now a believer. Learning is a social phenomenon that can act, if you are lucky, like a contagious disease. If you are intent on your search for a best school, then this document is a must-have in aiding your search for a school which practices action research. The school that practices what is in this book is what the best school actually looks like. Nathaniel Max Rock has degrees in engineering, business and education and has worked for private industry, public education and owned his own businesses. Max is a voracious reader, and has written on religion, education and business. Max and his wife have four children and live in Southern California.

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