Beyond Emotional Intelligence: Great Insights of Highly Enlightened People

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"Dr. Dan" Matzke, PhD, Jan 30, 2010 - Self-Help - 68 pages
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Great Insights Of Highly Enlightened People

What is “emotional intelligence”? Emotional intelligence refers to an awareness of, and the ability to manage, emotions and motivation. It is a set of personal and interpersonal skills related to one's personality and behavioral patterns, which results in a person being able to function more effectively in life.

So what is “beyond” emotional intelligence? The next step entails what might best be called “real-life intelligence” or “existential savvy”. This type of acumen refers to insights, understanding and skills related to the nature of being and reality – and matters such as freedom & responsibility, choices & commitments, meaning & purpose, and changes & endings. These are fundamental concerns and questions which humans have wrestled with throughout all of recorded history. Dealing with these issues can be rather anxiety-provoking and disquieting, and it usually requires a relatively high level of emotional intelligence to even start the process. However, recognizing and resolving these matters can be very liberating and empowering, freeing a person to function more effectively, to thrive and to prosper.

This work is a collection of uplifting perspectives on “real-life intelligence” and “existential savvy”. Part One summarizes great insights and ideas on the nature of being and reality. Part Two explores insights on life's ultimate concerns. The Addendum contains three essence essays on the topics of Golden Guidelines For Life & Living, Personal Effectiveness and Mindfulness. It is hoped that some of these insights and ideas will “strike a cord” and “resonate” with the reader, and offer some practical pointers for life and living.

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Dan Matzke, a.k.a. "Dr. Dan", holds a Ph.D. in psychology. Dr. Dan worked as a licensed Psychologist and Marriage & Family Therapist for over 25 years. He taught psychology classes and did consulting work (testing & evaluations), prior to retiring from private practice in California and moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He now enjoys writing and mentoring, when not hiking, fishing, skiing, traveling or flying. Dr. Dan has a commercial pilot's license, with flight instructor ratings for airplanes and gliders. He is a winner of the highly prized Barron Hilton Soaring Cup. For information about Dr. Dan's books, digital publications, free articles and downloads visit

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