Beyond The Darkness

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Hurn Publications, Sep 14, 2021 - Fiction - 526 pages

"In the Realm of my soul, I believe him to be a great Ruler."


Scotland: 1564

Deep within the bowels of Elboru, it waits-an immense force-locked inside a sacred stone, destined to give its bearer the power to be a formidable Ruler.

It belongs to just one-the Magus-Lord of all Warlocks-and he belongs to it. But the world of mortals has been overshadowed by a menace: an evil entity that would have it in order to dominate and destroy all that is good. And yet, all is not lost.

From within this stone, a light is about to re-ignite by innocence, instilling hope into the hearts of those who would risk everything, to see it placed in the hands of the chosen one-to see it shine beyond the darkness.

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About the author (2021)

Asking an Irish person to write a 'few' words is, putting it mildly, almost impossible! But here goes. I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. Having dabbled in other things over the years (I won't bore you) I always had lots of words constantly floating around in my mind, but not getting around to putting them, along with my imagination, to literary use. That is, until 2011, when I finally picked up that pen and notebook, and began to string them into sentences, then paragraphs, then pages, eventually joining them together to make up a novel (The Sixth Amulet: Beyond the Darkness). However, my imagination had other plans; It didn't want to stop. And so, one novel turned into three: The Sixth Amulet trilogy. Everyone has a story to tell, a potential book tucked away inside them. And all that's needed to create it, is a simple recipe: a pen and a notebook. So, open your mind and let your imagination roam through the endless possibilities it has to offer? then simply write!

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