Bible Word Search: Fathers in the Bible

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GIL Publications, 2005 - Games & Activities - 188 pages
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Bible Word Search Puzzles with Scriptures. 30 words per puzzle. Features scriptures on well known fathers in the Bible.

Great Challenge! - Great Fun!! Get to know the Word of God - while having fun

Use this book for your reference, for daily meditations and devotionals. Copy for your Bible Class, church bulletins and other ministering purposes.

Puzzle solutions and list of hidden messages are in the back of the book.


Old Testament

1. God, The Father
2. Adam, The First Man
3. A Father's Discipline - Proverbs
4. Aaron, the Levite
5. Abraham, Father on Many Nations
6. Ahab
7. Cain, the First Murderer
8. Caleb, Son of Nun
9. Cleanse the Land
10. David
11. Eli
12. Elkanah
13. Father's Responsibility - Deuteronomy
14. Fathers - Proverbs
15. Fathers-In-Law
16. Hamor
17. Hezekiah, The Godly King
18. Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother
19. In My Fathers House - Psalms
20. Isaac
21. Ishmael, a Wild Man
22. Jacob Blesses His Twelve Sons
23. Jacob's Children
24. Jehoshaphat

25. Jesse
26. Jethro, Priest of Median
27. Job
28. Joseph
29. Judah, Tamar's Father-In-Law
30. Laban
31. Leave an Inheritance
32. Levi & The Tribe of Levi
33. Lot, Abraham's Nephew
34. Mordecai, The Jew
35. Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar
36. Noah - A Righteous Man
37. Noted Fathers - Old Testament `
38. Protect the Fatherless
39. Psalms - Helper of the Fatherless
40. Saul, The First King
41. Sins of the Father
42. Solomon - The Wise King
43. The Levite's Father-In-Law
44. Terah, Abram and Nahor
45. Train a Child
46. Turn the Hearts of Fathers to Their Children

New Testament

47. A Father Gives
48. A Father's Discipline - Hebrews
49. Abba, Father
50. Abraham - Romans
51. Everything I Do Comes from the Father
52. Fathers Choose Sides
53. Father of Lies
54. Father of Light
55. Father of Possessed Boy
56. Father of the Prodigal Son

57. Fathers - Ephesians
58. Forefathers
59. Genealogy of Jesus - Part 1
60. Genealogy of Jesus - Part 2
61. Heavenly Father
62. Herod the Great and Sons
63. Husbands, Children and Fathers
64. In My Fathers House - New Testament
65. My Father's House of Prayer
66. Jairus, The Synagogue Ruler
67. Joseph, the Carpenter
68. Like Father - Like Son
69. Parable of the Two Sons
70. Paul, Spiritual Father to Timothy
71. Philip, One of the Seven
72. Seven Sons of Sceva
73. Simon of Cyrene
74. Sons of Zebedee
75. The Father and I Are One
76. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
77. The Love of God the Father
78. The Right Hand of the Father
79. With the Father from the Beginning
80. Zechariah

Puzzle Solutions

The Complete Bible Word Search Series Includes:

Volume I: Extracts from the Bible
Volume II: Women in the Bible
Volume III: Fathers in the Bible
Volume IV: Prayers in the Bible
Volume V: Victories in the Bible
Volume VI: Parable in the Bible
Volume VII: Promises in the Bible

New Series

Christian Word Search Puzzles - Volume one: Foundations in the Bible


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Akili Kumasi is the developer of the original Bible Word Search book series which features puzzles and scriptures. He has authored several Christian Fatherhood books and Bible Reference books. Akili is an educator. He has taught at Nyack College and the City University of New York. He holds a Master of Science in Education (MSEd) and is the founder of the God Is Love Ministries and G.I.L. Publications. Akili is a Deacon in his church, the father of four and lives in New York with his wife and children. He enjoys camping, writing and the study of God's Word.

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