Biblical Principles for Achieving Personal Success: 8 Critical Insights You Must Discover!

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You were created with great potential. You have God-given giftings and talents. Sometimes potential is never realized. Realizing your full potential is an ever continuing process of growth. This involves a willingness to try new things, new ways, new ideas. Dreams worth pursuing do not have to be "big" or "unrealistic." The important thing is living a dream that is really yours. Those who are most fulfilled know what they want and go after it. You have great God-given capacity to succeed in life! Your life can be full and rewarding. People who never achieve their full potential live an empty life. If you think you can't, you won't. Search for something that can't be done and do it. This insightful book starts by asking you some thought-provoking questions. What is it that you are called to do? What is the vision you have for your life? What dreams do you have that are still ahead of you? What were you born to do? What is your purpose? How will you achieve that calling in your lifetime? Author Rich Brott helps you to understand the 8 Critical Insights You Must Discover in order to Achieve Personal Success in life. The content is thorough, the season is timely and you will be motivated and challenged to achieve your highest potential!

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The Principle of Understanding Your Full Potential
The Principle of Envisioning Success
The Principle of Personal Diligence
The Principle of Forming Good Habits
The Principle of Managing Your Time
The Principle of Never Giving Up
The Principle of Giving Back
Biblical References on Success Its Integrity Function
Success in Scripture
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Rich Brott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics and a Master of Business Administration. Rich has served in an executive position of some very successful businesses. He has functioned on the board of directors for churches, businesses, and charities and served on a college advisory board. Rich has traveled to more than 25 countries on teaching assignments and business concerns. Rich Brott has authored thirty-five books.

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