Biblical Libraries: A Sketch of Library History from 3400 B.C. to A.D. 150

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Princeton University Press, 1914 - Libraries - 252 pages
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Page 169 - The same things also were reported in the writings and commentaries of Neemias ; and how he founding a library gathered together the acts of the kings, and the prophets, and of David, and the epistles of the kings concerning the holy gifts. In like manner also Judas gathered together all those things that were lost by reason of the war we had, and they remain with us.
Page 146 - Nehemiah is said to have formed a library, gathering together the dispersed books, "the acts of the kings and of the Prophets and of David, also the letters of the kings concerning things 'laid up'.
Page 105 - Then in future days when a messenger comes from the land of Egypt, who is able to write, and reads thy name upon the stela, thou shalt receive water in the west, like the gods who are there." He said to me: "It is a great testimony which thou tellest me.
Page 163 - Athenaeus to have written 3,500 volumes. This consideration may account to some extent for the discrepancies and will, at least, bring the larger numbers within the bounds of credibility. Strabo describes the library itself in this manner : — ' It has a colonnade (peripatos), a lecture room (exedra), and a vast establishment where the men of letters who share the use of the museum take their meals together. This college has a common revenue and is managed by a priest who is over the museum. . ....
Page 104 - Let me not see it! As for Khamwese, (mere) people were the messengers whom he sent to thee; but there was no [god among] his messengers. And yet thou sayest, 'Go and see thy companions.
Page 193 - Things which belong to a town are eg the roads, the bathing institution, the synagogue, the sacred chest or ark, the • sacred books,
Page 132 - Sheshbazzar and laid the foundation of the house of GOD which is in Jerusalem : and since that time even until now, hath it been in building and yet it is not finished.
Page 48 - Here, in one room of a house of unbaked brick, about ten metres long by five metres broad, there had evidently been a depository of tablets; these had been placed around the walls of the room on wooden shelves, the ashes of which we found mixed with the tablets on the floor. We took out of this room thousands of tablets, of unbaked clay. For four days eight gangs were taking out tablets from this room, as fast as they XlPPUR.
Page 63 - His majesty spake to the nobles, and companions, who were in his suite, the real scribes of the hieroglyphs, the masters of all secrets: King's Speech 756. "My heart hath desired to see the ancient writings of Atum;d open ye for me for a great investigation...
Page 214 - cloak" which Paul left behind at Troas (2 Tim. 4, 13) was probably (Wattenb. 614, so also Birt and Gardthausen) if not a wooden "capsa" at least some sort of bookcase or cover. Another private library which, although later, has thrown great light on the fittings of libraries was discovered by Lanciani in 1883. It was about 23 x 15 ft. The under bookcases began...

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