Bibliography of Moslem Numismatics

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Read Books, 2008 - History - 124 pages
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF MOSLEM NUMISMATICS. PREFACE: SOME time ago, when preparing the bibliographical chapterof my Catalogue of Mamluk Coins of the Palestine ArchcBologicalMuseum, I realized that with a little additional effort abibliography of Moslem numismatics In general could bewritten. Consequently the scope of my work was enlarged, and the result is submitted herewith.This bibliography covers the whole field up to the end ofthe year 1934 the relevant literature dating from 1935onwards may be found in the Annual Bibliography of IslamicArt and Archaeology. India is excluded, as Moslem numismaticsin that country form an almost independent section ofOriental numismatics, and a bibliography of the subject couldbe, compiled only in either very large or very specializedlibraries, none of which was within my reach during the bestpart of the preparation of this volume.The bibliography Is arranged by authors, and the worksof each author by dates such books or articles as I was unableto date have been grouped at the end of the chronologicalsequence.Several articles were known to me from references only, and in cases where I could not lay hands on the originalor find all the required information, the unchecked detailshad to be omitted. It seemed advisable to Include suchtitles even in fragmentary form rather than risk inaccuraciesor leave them out altogether.It was sometimes hard to draw a line between articlesdevoted to coins and those dealing with glass weights andseals. In cases of doubt I preferred to include rather thanto exclude an article, and I hope the reader will forgive meif I erred on the full side.The most onerous part of the preparation for the press ofa bibliography is the revision, of the manuscript, and I gladlytake this opportunity to reiterate my thanks to Dr. StellaBen-Dor and Mr. B. Levitte for their share in the checking ofthe present volume, as well as to Dr. T. J. Arne, Sir RichardBurn, Dr. W, Haag, Mr. M. Narkiss, Dr. Armas Salonen, Mr. J.Schulman and Mr. Igor "Wahrarno, who gave me additional in-formation about certain books or articles, or called my atten-tion to some that would otherwise have escaped my notice.My special thanks are due to Messrs. John Allan and JohnWalker of the British Museum, who, besides offering meevery facility during my only too short visits to theirDepartment, very kindly read the proofs of this volume andgave me the benefit of their most valuable advice.I should be grateful if users of this bibliography would begood enough to let me know of any omissions or inaccuracieswhich they may find.L. A. MAYER.

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